Non-Refelective Display / Monitor on Laptop

  KeithGeorge 15:48 08 Aug 2018

Hi Guys, I know roughly what I want but can’t seem to pin down the right laptop. I am looking for a 15.6” display, minimum of 8Gb Ram, an i5 processor or better, 256Gb SSD. The laptop must have a numeric keypad on the right. The biggest stumbling block I have come across is the display on the laptops. I need a non-reflective display as I work outdoors a lot albeit in the shade. I have been to PCWorld today but did not find them very helpful.

So I suppose the question is, who makes a decent laptop with a 15.6" non-reflective display.

  Forum Editor 16:21 08 Aug 2018
  KeithGeorge 20:15 08 Aug 2018

Thank You for the link, very useful.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:17 10 Aug 2018

I am looking for a 15.6” display...............I need a non-reflective display...............

You'll find that most laptop screens are matte nowadays.

I have been to PCWorld today but did not find them very helpful.

If you're unable to determine the screen type yourself by looking at a display model then shut it down. You'll soon be able to tell whether it's reflective or not.

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