non-mouse navigation in win 98

  clarky8325 15:50 25 Mar 2003

i am trying to resolve a mouse problem with a ps 2 mouse with adapter on a fairly old system. when new mouse is fitted it is not detected. i am trying to read the error message in control panel> system> but can only seem to navigate to 'computer' at top of menu. i would like to be able to scroll down the list till i get to the error message where the mosue is listed so as i can examine what specific problem there is.

how do i scroll down without the mouse but with the keyboard.



  spikeychris 16:05 25 Mar 2003

Press the tab key and arrow down at the same time..


  woodchip 16:16 25 Mar 2003

You use a different combination of key's to navigate as above, also if you look at menu you will see letters that are underlined for tools you wood press Alt T the letter with line under it, to put a tick in a box press on the space bar after you have used tab and arrow key's etc to navigate

  spikeychris 16:19 25 Mar 2003

Easiest way of opening device the Windows key and Pause Break...

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