Non-fade keyboard recommendations please.

  Karma_Train 14:36 10 Sep 2007

Hi there, well I don't know if I have particularly acid sweat or something but all the keyboards I have ever owned have eventually found their way to the dustbin (sorry recycling centre!) because the letter transfers on top of the keys have worn out, faded, come off or been stolen by aliens!

Has anyone out there got any recommendations for a keyboard with non-fade letters, maybe laser etched or something? I've tried searching the web but the search terms are so vague, with the exception of the Saitek Elite I have discovered absolutely ziltch, plus there's no substitute for actual experience hence asking you guys.

All suggestions gratefully received, many thanks, Charlie.

  Clapton is God 15:25 10 Sep 2007

Wear rubber gloves when typing?

  Stuartli 16:21 10 Sep 2007

I've typed millions of words on a range of computer keyboards and all the lettering was/is as clear as the day they were first used.

You could try putting a thin layer of clear varnish on each key but, frankly, it doesn't seem worth it...:-)

  tullie 16:33 10 Sep 2007

Be a problem if you had a laptop

  wjrt 16:56 10 Sep 2007

click here
something like this might help

  gardener 17:42 10 Sep 2007

Logitech keyboards seem pretty indestructible in my experience.

  Rigga 18:08 10 Sep 2007

My Logitech keys are fading, especially the 8 or so I use for online gaming.

Sorry can't be of any further assistance.


  Shortstop 20:02 10 Sep 2007

Guaranteed never to fade the letters from the keyboard - lol

click here



  jack 20:07 10 Sep 2007

Clear nail varnish or auto lacquer would seem to be the answer brush it on - dont spray it.

  Karma_Train 20:22 10 Sep 2007

Just returned from my labours to discover all your kind contributions to my thread....hmm, rubber gloves, a cover, virtual keyboards, you guys are truly amazing and I thank you most kindly for all your help.

You see this is what's wrong with the World today, if someone made a keyboard with non-fade letters we'd all stop buying a new one every six Months thus rendering half of the Asian continent unemployed and that would never do.

By the way before anyone mentions it, I know I could get little sticky-on letters to put on the faded keys but I don't fancy that either ok!

So to sum up, the letters wear out on all known keyboards and I just have to keep buying replacements unless I learn touch typing, is that correct?

Oh by the way my mouse is on the Fritz now, what is it with me and input devices?

Thanks again, Charlie.

  harps1h 22:58 10 Sep 2007

buy the logitech S510 it is as clear as the day i bought it 18 months ago

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