NON closing windows ??

  LLADDIS 20:07 13 Oct 2003

I am running windows XP and have encountered a very annoying little glitch

When I am not connected to the internet I can open and close my file windows with no problems at all they behave perfectly normaly

HOWEVER when connected to the internet (TISCALI BROADBAND)and I try and close open windows they close momentarily then re open as a white screen which refuses to close .I have tried using Control Alt delete to get to the control screen and closing them that way but that just results in my desktop and tool bar disappearing and the only way to restore the set up is to physicaly switch my computer off then on !!

I have tried RESTORING my settings to as early as possible but the problem still remains

I have had norton anti virus(2003and2004) running and fully updated and have carried out a full virus scan with nothing detected
Do I have a file missing somewhere ??
What is causing this odd behaviour

  Simon_P 22:58 13 Oct 2003

I would think that you should only have one installed/running at a time as they could conflict with each other.

I dont think that there will be any advantage to having both running!

Maybe someone will correct me on this though.

  LLADDIS 23:06 13 Oct 2003

I think you misunderstand I do not have two running at the same time I have uninstalled NORTON 2003 and have installed NORTON 2004
Thinking this may have caused the problem I have reverted back and forth uninstalling each time

  Simon_P 23:17 13 Oct 2003

That there are remanants of the norton 2003 in windows regestry, that may conflict with 2004.

If that is the case, I am unable to help you with that, as this is outside my area of knoledge.

  hugh-265156 02:10 14 Oct 2003

any errors in control panel/administrative tools/device manager?

try click here and reinstall all i can think of.

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