Non booting of desktop.

  Furkin 11:38 07 Jun 2010

ACER T120 AMD 2400+ XPpro - SP3 - 2Gb (max) RAM.
Home use. No Gaming.

Every now and then, my machine won't boot into life. It gets as far as the Windows desktop,,,, but then it's sort of frozen there. All the icons are there & things do look normal.

When I click on an item, the cursor changes to a negg timer, but nothing happens,,,,, nothing happens from then on.

I usually do Ctrl/alt/del & ReStart. This usually starts things o.k.

As it 'usually' starts o.k i'm guessing that there isn't a great problem,,,, more of the occasional glitch.

Sometimes I get a message saying that Explorer is closing down,,,, but as far as I know,it hadn't even been started.

Today, I noticed that the task-bar was replaced by a single black bar of the exact same size as the TB. I have the TB hidden, to make more room on the screen.
Whilst this isn't life-threatening, I did have to do it twice today to get it up'n'runnin.

As I say, 99% of the time, things run o.k.

Any ideas please ?


  birdface 12:19 07 Jun 2010

Have you tried device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.
A good clean out.check the air vents are clear of dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning especially around the fans.

  Terry Brown 12:23 07 Jun 2010

Try unplugging your non-powered USB devices before you boot up, as you may have a problem with not enough power (Power unit failing).

  T I M B O 16:59 07 Jun 2010

Being it's xp is getting on, it's a possibility that the ram may need removing a couple of time and putting back. The connections could be getting iffy.

To remove the ram, make double sure that the pc is turned off & unplugged. Then turn on the pc to discharge the motherboard. On the end of the ram slot's are white levers, press these down and then push back the ram 2/3 times. This may help.

Best of luck....

  Furkin 20:47 07 Jun 2010

Thanks folks,
This has been happening for quite some time,,,, but only about once once every couple of months. It has only ever taken one re-boot to rectify,,,, and the rest of the time, she runs perfectly,,,, in fact very good for it's age/use.

BM: Nothing amiss in D.M. Replaced case fan 4/5 months ago, & cleaned out at the same time.

TB: Have never thought of unplugging things. The only thing that comes on at the same time, is the BT Home Hub 2 router. Nothing else is fired up until I need them.

TIMBO: Have also never heard of re seating RAM - will certainly give it a go.
I am slightly concerned about your instructions for doing this: it reads as if you remove RAM whilst the machine is ON & running. Surely this is a mistake, in that arcing or shorting might occur.
I also prefer to leave the machine plugged in,,,, to make sure I am earthed.

I'm prepared to be corrected in either case.

After re-seating the RAM, I won't know if it helps or not,,,,,,, unless/until it happens again.

thanks all for your time in replying.

  woodchip 20:51 07 Jun 2010

Sounds like its your Antivirus doing a scan of the drive when its starts and using all the power

  T I M B O 21:01 07 Jun 2010

Make sure the pc is not connected to the mains, then push the on switch to discharge the MB !!!!!!


  Furkin 09:31 08 Jun 2010

WC: Cheers. Not picking nits, but if that were the case, wouldn't it happen more often ?

TIMBO: Ah - clarified. Apolgies for mis-reading your lines.
When I said that "I" prefer to leave it plugged in, I meant with the machine OFF,,,, so that I am earthed when touching the metalware - Noooo lekky.

I had intended to check the RAM before starting this morning, but as I had urgent work to do, had to get on with that first. The machine started fine.

Am about to make tea now,,,, so off with the kit, & re seat the RAM.

thanks again

  Furkin 10:50 08 Jun 2010

Tea was great.
I have re seated the RAM. Everything else 'looks' o.k.
I did note that the PSU is only 200w (FSP200-60aTV), so it wouldn't hurt to put something bigger in anyway.

Does anyone know of a PSU (400w +) with the same connections as this one please ? My machine is all IDE at the moment.

(I was hoping to replace MB, CPU, RAM etc, but another expense cropped up [my disability income dosn't stretch to Two items at a time !!]- but the plan is still there for the near future.)


As I won't know if it's cured until/if it happens again, I'll tick this as RESOLVED. But I'd still appreciate comments.

  T I M B O 10:52 08 Jun 2010

I hope it's all fixed !!!

  Furkin 11:19 08 Jun 2010

TIMBO: thanks my friend

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