nokia unlocking software

  john1000 20:10 14 Feb 2003

i have downloaded eeprom v3 for unlocking nokia mobile phones that runs great on 98 second edition but for some reason will not run on xp home edition the error i get is mscomctl.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registerd a file is missing of invalid tryed compatability wizard on 95 and 98 but to no avail any ideas?

  frankie 21:53 15 Feb 2003

go to click here .com contact us.. explain your problem to them... they will contact you......with a final solution..

  john1000 01:40 16 Feb 2003

does not work bad gateway

  D-P-R 03:05 16 Feb 2003

didn't think hacking and cracking was allowed on this forum

  Andÿ 03:21 16 Feb 2003

Unlocking a mobile is not hacking or cracking and I don't think it's illegal :o)

  grove34 03:27 16 Feb 2003

its not illegal at all , most mobile phone shops sell the cables and the software to do it.

the only thing that is illegal is changing the imei number of a phone.

  wint 10:07 16 Feb 2003

This link from frankie had a / and a . in the wrong place. It was also the US website where I don't think they would help but would re-direct you to the UK Nokia site.

Nokia UK is at click here
and the Nokia forum is at click here where you might be able to get help.
Good luck & let us know.

  D-P-R 15:08 16 Feb 2003

Flashing a feature update/ bug fix is entirely different from flashing a
file which turns a locked phone into an unlocked one.

No matter who owns the phone, you will probably (though I havn't
researched it) find that the phone company LICENSES the firmware to the
end user. If that is the case, you do not own the firmware, you just
have a right to use it. I assumes that unlocked firmware is either the
company's own software (Ericsson,Nokia or whoever), or it is a hacked
version thereof. In either case, the software is covered by the
copyright laws. You cannot make a copy of software without the
copyright owners consent. Taking a flash file and transferring it to a
phone is making a copy.
To argue otherwise implies that because you bought the 1st edition of an
encyclopedia, you are allowed to acquire the 2nd and subsequent editions
free of charge, which is obviously not the case (unless the publisher
has specificly termed the LICENSE in that way).

I assume that the big players have licenses from the phone manufacturers
to allow them to unlock phone. I doubt very much if the corner shop
outfits have the required licenses.

All of the above is my personal opinion.

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