Nokia phone to PC connectivity problems

  GaT7 10:22 18 Aug 2005

Hi All,

Trying to help my neighbour connect her Nokia 6230i to my PC with WinXP Pro. The problem is that the USB cable (DKU-2) drivers are not installing correctly. Nokia PC Suite says the phone is disconnected (even when it IS) & some buttons are greyed out, etc.

To verify the installation the PDF manual says:

"Check that the following devices are present in the Device Manager. If they are not,
the installation has not been successful...

- For a DKU-2 cable: check that Nokia xxxx USB Phone Parent (the xxxx stands for the four-digit model number of the phone) is present under Wireless Communication Devices."

Device Manager does NOT have Wireless Communication Devices in its list. Do I need to run the Wireless Network setup wizard, & if yes, what options do I choose in the wizard so that phone & PC work in harmony? Thanks, G

  brambles 11:23 18 Aug 2005

I tried the USB cable connection with my Sony Ericcson & it was singularly unsucessful.
So I invested in a Sim Card reader - take the sim card out of your phone - put it into the reader backs up your mobile phone numbers & Outlook contacts - subject to the model you buy.

Just type 'sim card readers' in Google

You can buy from PC World a USB Bluetooth dongle that you plug into the computer this will then work with the mobile phone by switching to Bluetooth Mode.

Best wishes


  Pooke 11:27 18 Aug 2005

a combination of a a memory card reader for the mmc card that comes with nokia and an infra red port. I have always found data cables to be unreliable.


  GaT7 11:38 18 Aug 2005

Thanks brambles. SIM card reader: yes, thought about that, but using the Nokia PC Suite does that and more - it backups pics as well, amongst other things.

Yes, also thought about Bluetooth, but the cable was the cheapest option (£5-6) & transfers data quicker than any other method.

Ideally, I'd like to stick to the cable & make it work. G

  Brian-336451 12:24 18 Aug 2005

The wireless in this case should refer to InfraRed comms (certainly for the pre-bluetooth).

For a while I used to think it meant wireless as in Centrino etc.

My Nokia 6310i communicates via the Infra Red port as I won't pay out for a plug-in Bluetooth adaptor even though the phone is equipped.

So you'll need to enable Infrared if it's not (I usually have IR turned off on my laptop as it uses power even when not being used).

  Technotiger 13:25 18 Aug 2005

Hi, surely by far the best method is to use Nokia PC Suite with a Bluetooth dongle on the pc.
That is how mine is set-up. Bluetooth dongle is less than £20. I have the Nokia 9500 Communicator.


  GaT7 15:07 18 Aug 2005

Not THAT Brian May: I've enabled onboard IR in the BIOS & now that's showing up in Device Manager. With IR enabled & the phone being IR capable, will they now 'talk' to each other? I can only test this tomorrow.

Technotiger: I'll try that as a last resort. My neighbour had her car torched by _______ (<-censored!), so I got her a cable to help her save money for another - that explains the cable (it's the cheapest). If IR works, I haven't been very clever - or frugal, have I?! : (

I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks : ) G

  recap 15:48 18 Aug 2005

I have just recently installed the software for my sons Nokia. He had problems with the install as he did not have admin rights. I chose the Run as option and loaded it under admin rights. Now when he want to use it under his account, it will only run with admin rights, which i find strange.

Just a thought, have you loaded the software under the admin account?

  Technotiger 15:49 18 Aug 2005

Yes, with IR enabled they should both talk to each other. I used IR for a short while b4 I bought bluetooth dongle. Found IR a bit awkward as they both needed to be quite close together and of course in line-of-sight.


  GaT7 16:11 18 Aug 2005

recap: Yes, I've loaded it under the admin account.

Technotiger: Thanks, will give it a go, though may not be very practical for us with the PC situated under the desk. Would I need to open my PC case, or just point it the direction of the IR port?

I've just downloaded & installed the latest Nokia PC Suite & it seems to have an additional button (I somehow missed it before!) at the bottom called 'Get Connected!', which when pressed opens a user-friendly wizard to choose/configure connectivity options. All I need now is the phone...Will keep in touch. G

  wee eddie 16:16 18 Aug 2005

I will have no excuse for not downloading my stuff as well.

Think I shall go the IR route.

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