Nokia PC Suite can't "see" my phone

  Bargee 19:41 13 Jul 2010


I've searched other postings on this & no advice given seems to be applicable.

I have a new Nokia 2720 to which I want to transfer pics & tones from my old 3120. I kmow I have the correct cables - CA-42 for the 3120 & micro USB for the 2720, as well as the necessary drivers. I have also downloaded & installed the correct version of PC Suite (7.1) which is supposed to be compatible with both phones. However, the software doesn't see either phone. The only clue I may have is in the form of a hint on the connection wizard that tells the user to ensure the phone is unlocked. Now according to Nokia support, this refers to the keypad & apart from uninstalling & re-installing PC Suite, Nokia support has been woeful. The connection trouble shooter advises to check the phone settings, but neither the software or phone manual tells you how to do this! I suspect that the "unlocked" referred to actually means that the phone has to be unlocked, not just the keypad.

So before I run up my phone bill by talking directly with Nokia support, can anyone give me any idea of where to go from here.


  Woolwell 19:51 13 Jul 2010

I think that you will find that you need the Nokia OVI suite rather than the Nokia PC Suite. You probably got a disc with the PC suite on but it has been replaced for many phone models.
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The other thing to try is temporarily turn off your firewall. What is your OS?

  woodchip 20:08 13 Jul 2010

Plug the Phone in before turning it on the watch Phone Screen. Or try it the other way round cannot remember how I use mine its that long since I used it though its still on this PC

  james105051 20:43 13 Jul 2010

Firstly, the term "Unlocked" in Nokia speak means that the phone is unlocked and in a usable state e.g. you coud use the keypad and make a call.

Secondly I don't think using Ovi Suite will make a difference because if PC Suite can't see your phone, probably Ovi will not either.I have both on my PC together and both "see" my phone

Thirdly check your connections settings on your phone to make sure you have USB setting set to "PC Suite Mode" as default.

Lastly the manual supplied with new phones is not a full manual, check the Nokia website for a downloadable pdf, the one for my Nokia X6 was 158 pages long and covered all settings and usages.

  northumbria61 20:48 13 Jul 2010

Nokia 2720 User Guide (pdf)

click here

  Bargee 10:51 14 Jul 2010

Thanks for the responses.

First the basics: OS is fully updated XP Home, Firewall is Windows & AV is AVG Antivirus freebie.

The only reference I can find in my paper & the pdf phone manual to PC Suite is related to bluetooth connection & only bluetooth or packet data are available in my connectivity options.

I have also tried on another PC with the same OS etc. with the same lack of results. Also tried the OVI Suite - same.

Do you think I will have to add bluetooth to my PC?

  woodchip 11:38 14 Jul 2010

Mine a Nokia 6300 Came with the CD, but I had to use my own cable. Though it as Bluetooth, I do not use it

  Woolwell 12:09 14 Jul 2010

I'm getting a bit puzzled now as I cannot see that the 2720 has USB. This article doesn't deal directly with your problem but is relevant click here

  Woolwell 12:24 14 Jul 2010

BTW I would get a different firewall. XP's firewall is not very good.

I think Bluetooth may well be the best option.

  coconut enigma 12:38 14 Jul 2010

Hi there

I think Woodchip hit the nail there - when I had the same problem with my E71, it was because the phone needs to be switched on and running before you open up OVI etc, rather than switched on once program is running - it doesn't seem to recognise it when you do it that way around....

  Bargee 13:57 14 Jul 2010

You are right. The 2720 has a 2.5mm AV socket which is easily confused with USB. I'll have to use bluetooth to transfer what I want off the PC on to it.

Maplin do USB bluetooth connectors for around £15, so I guess I'll have to get one of those.

All I have to do now is get my old 3120 connected so I'll be trawling the settings & manual & try to work it out.

Cheers all.

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