Nokia 6700 light

  Bike-it 10:14 22 May 2010

I have a Nokia 6700 phone but the light goes out when i am ringing someone even before they answer, and when i am texting it also goes out, is this a problem with this phone or can i change something to fix this?

  Al94 10:21 22 May 2010

There will be a way to change the light settings somewhere in Profiles

  Bike-it 13:22 22 May 2010

Al94 the only thing in profiles is light effects which is switched on.

  retep888 14:08 22 May 2010

I don't have your particular model but the general principle should be similar.

Navigate to tools >Settings >General >Personalisation >Display >Power saver time-out(change the setting to your desire i.e.from 5sec to 30sec) >scroll down to Light time-out(change the setting as the Power saver > OK

  Bike-it 15:35 22 May 2010

If i Navigate to tools >Settings >General >Personalisation there is no display included within this, the only reference to lights is light effect on or off

  retep888 16:21 22 May 2010

Just came across this click here

Looks like you can't adjust the light time-out on this phone and have to live with it. :-(

  John778 11:05 13 Sep 2010

It was sent to me through my provider, those settings. (<a href="click here">Nokia 6700</a>)

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