Nokia 2730c-1 Unlock problem

  birdface 21:09 22 Jun 2011

Hi.My Brother got a Nokia 2730c-1 Locked to Orange from his daughter as she got a new one.It was a contract phone

Now he has a T-Mobile sim card and we thought that it would work as both the same company now I believe, but no it did not work.

So I reset the phone to factory settings hoping that would do the trick but no it will not accept the T-Mobile sim card.

Now the real problem is setting it to factory settings removed a lot of the programs that were already on the phone.

I am taking it down to the local market tomorrow to get it opened for any sim card.

Now if I do that then press phone updates will it reinstall lost programs or will it actually revert back to a locked Phone.

I don't want to be parting with £10 if it is going to lock up again.

That will learn me to mess around with something I know very little about.

  birdface 08:40 23 Jun 2011

Ok.Will find out no doubt when I take it down to the market.

  gengiscant 09:09 23 Jun 2011

Resetting a phone to factory settings will not and never has unlocked a phone, all you needed to do was to take it down to,wherever, to get it unlocked then you would have kept your programs.

  birdface 09:40 23 Jun 2011


Yes have to agree with you about that but to late now it has already been done. Never mind I learned one thing,not to do it again.

Brother is on holiday so was trying to get it fixed for him coming back.

Just charging it up before I take it to the market.

I will explain it to the chap that is going to fix it and see if there is a way of getting it back to the way it was.

Thanks for the info.

  birdface 10:43 23 Jun 2011

Well that was a waste of time.

The chap only comes on a Friday and Saturday.

So back again tomorrow.

  birdface 11:26 24 Jun 2011

Well another waste of time.

looks like the market Stall holder has opened a shop round the corner from the market.

I Asked if he would open it for me.£35.00 he said.

Don't bother I said phone is not worth that.

It usually only took about 5 minutes on the computer for him to open phones.

I suppose he has to pay for the rent and rates for the shop but at those prices I don't think that he will be kept very busy.

  gengiscant 14:56 24 Jun 2011

It only costs about a tenner up in here in Edinburgh, at least it did the last time I did it, which was a good few years ago, probably a bit more now mind.

  Ventad 16:42 24 Jun 2011

link text Just seen this perhaps this will help

  birdface 16:52 24 Jun 2011


Yes same here I had it done a few years back and it was only £10 which is not bad for 5 or 10 minutes work.

I will try another shop in one of the other nearby towns to see if their prices have changed as well.

If so it it will probably get scrapped it was basically for a spare or just a change from his own.

I think you can actually have it done through the phone provider for less than that.

The best about the older type phones you could unlock them yourself from the internet.

It will be next week sometime before I get out and about again but I will let you know how I got on.

  BT 16:53 24 Jun 2011

Or you could just get a FREE Orange SIM card and it will work without being unlocked

Free Orange SIM

  birdface 18:10 24 Jun 2011


No security clearance from WOT for that one so will give it a miss just in case.

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