Noisy processor fan

  raz2 20:15 14 Mar 2005

I've just received a brand new PC from a well known manufacturer in the midlands. Its fab apart from one problem - the noise from the processor fan.
When the processor is idle, the fan rotates at somewhere around 2200 rpm and the noise is acceptable. But when the processor is busy, the fan speeds up to somewhere over 4000 rpm and it sounds as if I have a Piper Cherokee taxiing in my office! I'm using Microsoft Virtual PC to sand-box some beta applications, and this keeps the processor busy all the time its running, so I have this noise all the time.
The processor fan is a "standard" Intel C25704-002 item. My question to you all is:
Would changing the fan for a larger, better quality item significantly reduce the noise or am I stuck with it? If so, what would you recommend?
The mother-board is an MSI MS-7058 (915P/G Combo).


  Tinkey Winkey 20:53 14 Mar 2005

I have found that small CPU heatsink fans are unbearably noisey, as are those teeny little graphics card fans.
Personally I use Zalman Super Flower Coolers (for both Pentium and AMD CPUs.)
Both the 92mm and 120mm fan versions run totally silent on my AMD pcs.
Get them and all the relevant info from the Quiet PC guys:

click here

I'm sorry but I don't know anything about Intel Pentiums ( always use AMD ).
You'll have to measure the space around your CPU socket on the motherboard if it's not on the motherboard compatibility list.

Note:You may invalidate any warranty by fiting it!

  Belatucadrus 21:25 14 Mar 2005

I put one of these click here on my 1.7P4 MSI MS-6507 set-up, it tootles along at about 900 rpm most of the time, but if I really work the system it goes up to about 1500. Is it any quieter than the original fan ? OH YES !!! vast improvement in noise levels, good bit of kit.

  TomJerry 22:10 14 Mar 2005

a good fan/heatsink only costs a few $ more, I wish Intel include a better fan system.

Definitely need to change. Maybe get a fanless PSU, better quality case fan as well while you are at it.

Belatucadrus, the one you pointed out is veru cheap. Is it good? Have you monitored the temperature?

  Belatucadrus 23:13 14 Mar 2005

Temperatures actually dropped, though that may have had something with cleaning off the old thermal glop and using Ceramique.

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