Noisy PC fan

  Jamous 22:44 11 Jul 2014

Okay, I'm running out of ideas here :-(

My PC has over the last 6 months decided to kick the fans in to the point where it sounds like a plane taking off

It's at its worst when either watching something streaming online (films, sports etc) and especially when switched to full-screen

Even on general web-browsing it can have it's moments for no aparrant reason

So far I've tried > Thoroughly cleaning inside the case (incl fans) > Replacing the thermal paste on the CPU/Heatsink > Praying to divine inspiration and/or a lottery win

Any other ideas please

Specs: Intel Quad-core Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz 3GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce 8500gt

Any suggestions most welcome

  rdave13 23:07 11 Jul 2014

Dedicated GPU fan seems to me to be the problem rather than the CPU.

NVIDIA GeForce 8500gt on the way out I would assume.

  spuds 23:36 11 Jul 2014

Fans are not very expensive, if you look on eBay for ideas and prices.

When fans start to get noisy, then it time for a change. You will probably find some play in the drive?.

  wee eddie 23:40 11 Jul 2014

There's the possibility that the summer has something to do with it.

Might be worth looking at the airflow around the case, and give the filters a clean

  rdave13 23:46 11 Jul 2014

wee eddie OP already stated insides cleaned.

  wee eddie 23:57 11 Jul 2014

And, if the PC is sitting in a corner or, the front filter is clogged with dust!

Such things can be forgotten because of familiarity.

  SparkyJack 08:44 12 Jul 2014

1 Clear the dust from case and around the fan housing and blades by vacuum or air blast.

  1. Peel back the label on the centre of fan and Ind drop in a mere smear of oil ( motor) not WD40 . Replace label
  Jamous 09:35 12 Jul 2014

Thanks for the responses

I don't think it's an airflow issue as it's housed in a standard pc unit

As for which fan, well I just presumed it was the fan on the cpu so I will have to set it up with the case open so I can double check

I did go through the original measures again, including the thermal paste bit, and it has definitely improved but it only lasted a short while before it started again

  Jamous 13:34 29 Jul 2014

Just opened it up and there the fan that covers the heatsink/cpu is the one that goes crazy when playing full-screen video (it's still spinning a lot even when just browsing)

The small fan to the rear of the case spins constantly at a steady pace - so hardly noticeable

Do you think that replacing this fan could be a cheap way of sorting it out then?

  SparkyJack 13:55 29 Jul 2014

Try the clean up and 'lub suggestion first.

Under the centre boss label, a/small depression. Or 'cup' a drop of motor oil.

Many years ago a chhum had a 'Tiny'. Rememder those? The fan on this noisy-he called the engineer'who took a look see, returned to his car and came back with the engine dipstick with the end INA rag, and dripped the oil into the 'cup' as above----job done.

  Jamous 14:06 29 Jul 2014

Thanks SparkyJack - I will try that

The "noise" that I mentioned is more of an increased airflow noise as opposed to anything mechanical in the fan itself - if that makes sense lol

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