Noisy PC

  Jazzyboo 12:58 04 Jul 2010

My PC is really loud. It sounds sometimes like a whiring noise. Really loud even people on the phone can hear it and I can if I am downstairs and my PC is upstairs. I am not technically minded at all but where the light is to indicate that the PC is on, the smaller one is flickering all the time as if there is something loading within. Sometimes, when I have not got IE open or windows mail it is silent as it should be. I have backed up I think correctly just in case. The PC is 2 years old.

  birdface 13:06 04 Jul 2010

Right click the Taskbar and select Task manager.
processes. And under CPU which programs are using up most of the CPU.
if nothing running System Idle Process should be showing about 96% this is normal any other program showing a high % of the CPU let us know what.

  onthelimit 13:07 04 Jul 2010

From the way you describe the noise and when it happens, I would say the hard drive is on the way out. Backing up, as you have done, is a sensible precaution. It's surprising that this has happened after only two years, though. To confirm the problem you need to (if you feel capable of this - you say you are not technically savvy) is to take off a side from the pc and use something like a wooden spoon between your ear and the hard drive (easy to identify)- if that is the prob, you will hear the noise loud and clear. If so, it will need changing which is probably a job for an technician.

  Dark Mantis 13:14 04 Jul 2010

The other possibility is a dirty or worn fan. This can make a really loud whirring noise and is easier to fix if it is. You really need to take off the side panel and see where the noise is loudest.

  birdface 13:24 04 Jul 2010

This from an old thread of mine with the same sort of problem.

click here

It was the PSU that was causing my problem.
The computer is still working now without the noise.
I stopped the fan running on the PSU for about 4 seconds and the Noise went away.
In the finish I gave the computer a real good clean out inside and cleaning the dust of all of the fan blades.
I can only assume that was causing the problem like i say it is working Ok now.
Now that may not be your problem just thought that i would mention it.

  Jazzyboo 13:26 04 Jul 2010

Did task manager and then clicked on processes. There are 64 processes CPU usage is 54% and Physical memory is 70%. In the column CPU it keeps changing the most one is taskmgr.exe which is 02.

  Jazzyboo 13:30 04 Jul 2010

Thanks buteman looked at your old thread and your description is exactkly like mine. Should I open the box and just clean the fan.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 04 Jul 2010

No one should open up a PSU unless they know what they are doing there are some very large voltages in there even with the PC off and unplugged.

Just use a cotton bud through the rear grill to clean the fan blades (with the machine OFF of coarse).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 04 Jul 2010

But if you really want to open it up and clean the fan click here

  Audio~~Chip 14:22 04 Jul 2010

either a Fan pitted with heavy dust build up or Fan wearing out. In a computer there is 1 processor Fan, x Case cooling fan/s, if a graphics card it may have one fitted & Power Supply Fan.

I would remove the side panel of the desktop (looking from the back to it you unscrew 2 edge screws on the Right Hand side panel, slide it back towards you.)

Do you see any Fans which have lots of dust in?

"BE CAREFULL! if you follow this.
If not, power it on and look at the fans. See if any are spinning erratic, if you still stuck then gently place a index finger on the centre of the fan quickly and not for more than a few seconds, just long enough to see if the noise stops. BE VERY Carefull Reminder.

  Audio~~Chip 14:30 04 Jul 2010

I strongly do not recomend try to open to a novice. Power Supplys + Electric - can kill if faulty they could hold a charge. They are so cheap nowaday's if its a standard PSU.

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