Noisy Pc

  metabolee 22:17 29 Jan 2006

My new pc is continually whirring its fan every minute or so is there anything i can do to stop it?? I am only online and not running any other program. Thanks

  ade.h 22:53 29 Jan 2006

Lots that you can do. How much have got to spend?

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Get some top quality fans, a quiet CPU cooler, some silicone fan mounts for the case fan and some silicone case feet. Your graphics card and motherboard northbridge fans - if present - can usually be replaced by some quality heatsinks.

Your case fan should be of the large, silent and dust-proof variety.

If your budget allows, you really should line your case with accoustic foam and change your PSU for something like a Q-Technology Gold Series.

Things that cost little or no outlay include checking every screw and mounting in your case, positioning it on a very solid and stable surface, as well as keeping the interior and fans dust-free. Spotless, preferably.

Study the direction of airflow; is there more than one channel of air? Do they cross or otherwise interfere with each other? Are your fans pushing in different directions, such as 90º to each other?

  ade.h 22:56 29 Jan 2006

Major culprits for noise include resonance from a poor quality case, cheap PSU fans, cheap CPU coolers and airflow that can't do its job properly.

  007al 01:04 30 Jan 2006

Not always the cpu fan.Can you take the side off and try to hear where its coming from?If its the psu supplied with the case,then the fan can be poor.Is it a high pitch sound or a groan?

  jack 15:03 30 Jan 2006

Shut the system down. Renove left side cover
disconnect from mains
give it a goodsclean up particularlry around the fans and cooling fins.
Carefully peel back the lable on the boss of the CPU fan and apply a mere smear of light oil.
Remove the cane fan[s] and do ditto
Re assemble
Plug in and fire her up.
Quiet enough for you?

  ade.h 15:41 30 Jan 2006

"Quiet enough for you?"

Well no, not really! If a PC is still audible, I fit some more parts until it's virtually silent. It's the one area that is so important to me that I won't compromise. It takes some work to get a P4 640 system to run at less than 15Db atmospheric.

In the case of this poster, cleaning will have no effect at this stage because his PC is new.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 30 Jan 2006

My new pc is continually whirring its fan every minute or so

Sounds like Cpu fan speeding up as more load put on the procesor.

check in task manager(ctrl - alt -del) and see what process is runnng to use the cpu the most.

  metabolee 20:29 30 Jan 2006

Thanks all for the info my pc is working fine now no noise, sorry i didnt try any of your suggestions as turned it off, went on tonight ready for the tasks and hey presto its fine!!!

  Mavericke 21:12 30 Jan 2006

sounds like you need a new CPU cooler. Try vapochill cooler for your CPU. Please check your graphics card fan too if there is one. Most of the time noise will emit from either the PSU,CPU or AGP/PCI-E graphics card. The best thing is to invest in Fanless PSU from Antec Phantom range if you have the cash, the rest would proceed to water cooling. Good luck!

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