Noisy Northbridge fan

  Newuser2983 23:21 13 Jan 2004


I have a Gigabyte GA7VAXP motherboard and all of a sudden the Northbridge fan has become very noisy. Would it be OK to remove this, it is mounted on a heatsink, or do I just put cotton wool in my ears?


Rick 23:30 13 Jan 2004

The fan on my South bridge started making squeaky noises, which I kept putting off.

I had to put in a new Mother board in the end.

Good luck, Whiz... 23:31 13 Jan 2004

South Chip, not bridge.

  Dragon Heart 23:39 13 Jan 2004

Yes ! just put cotton wool in your ears and look on as your pride and joy overheats.
I do not know if your fan has ball bearings but if so you could try applying, when the PC is switched off and cool, a very small drop of light oil (watchmakers use it) with a pin. If that does not work get yourself a new fan e.g. computer fair and refit it to the heat sink with the special paste provided, it's designed to help heat transfer

  Chris the Ancient 08:37 14 Jan 2004

I have the same board - and my fan went noisy as well.

I went to the shop where I bought my pc (specially made) to discuss the matter.

It is interesting that later versions of the motherboard don't have a north bridge fan! So we took mine out and tested the machine. Even with fairly high-intensive graphics programs running, the chip did not overheat.

So, based on the lack of fan on newer boards and that trial, I had my fan removed. The pc is a darned sight quieter and has given me (and I emphasise the 'me' bit) absolutely no problems.



  fred 19:02 14 Jan 2004

My Gigabyte fan is also very noisy at times. So far I've found that physically stopping it rotating for a very short time shuts it up.

Chris the Ancient

Thanks You may well have saved me some money as I was considering changing the MB. Will wait and see what happend when the fan finally dies.

  fred 19:03 14 Jan 2004

happend = happens

  Newuser2983 19:43 14 Jan 2004

Thanks for all the advice. I have just taken the fan off, given it a good clean and that has quietened it by about 50%. I havn`t got any light oil to try and lubricate, will try and buy some tomorrow.

Best wishes

[Newuser 2983]

  [email protected]@m 20:02 14 Jan 2004

You should hear the noise Millwall fans make!

  Dragon Heart 01:32 16 Jan 2004

If cleaning the dust off cut down the fan noise suggest you get one of those compressed air cans and blow the dust off the rest of your system !

[email protected]@m ............. cotton wool balls may help !

  hugh-265156 02:59 16 Jan 2004

i may be very wrong here but the northbridge on most mobos do not get very hot if you have adaquate case cooling unless you are into overclocking.saying that you can always buy a replacement fan or go for a silent solution like click here

see also click here click here or click here for some more examples.

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