Noisy Intel processor fan

  oxfo 14:45 29 Jun 2005

System - P4 3.2G Prescott/300W power sup/1G memory /60G maxtor hdd/Gainward geforce 5900xt graphics card. Had problem with heat in case when I played Doom3,processor fan rpm would increase and become very noisy so fitted front mounted fan and modded case to fit side mounted as well.This helped but still get noise when running any "graphics heavy" progs - Adobe Photoshop,Empire Earth2 etc. so usually open up case case when temp (then noise) increases,can anyone recommend a solution/better fan than the one that Intel supply with processor?Thanks.

  De Marcus 15:07 29 Jun 2005

Try turning your attention to the graphics card fan instead, I've a hunch this is where the noise is probably coming from, I used to have a geforce fx 5600 and the noise which came from it was unbelieveable, in the end I tried allsorts (even unplugging the fan, not recommended) and eventually gave up and bought a new graphics card, it was time for an upgrade anyway, my new card is whisper quiet.

  oxfo 16:53 29 Jun 2005

Thanks but noise (and vibrations)are definetly coming from the P4s fan.Might try checking that everything is fastened down/located correctly.

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