Noisy Hard Drive

  chriscross72 10:49 29 Aug 2004

my hard drive seems to be getting noisy....could this be a sign of imminent failure ?
Can I put in a new hard drive as a slave and copy all of the contents of my current hard drive, windows 2000, the registry, programmes, all my music files, picture files the lot to a new hard drive ?
if so how...just by copy and paste to a new hard drive ?
The current hard drive is 40 gb with about 9.6 gb used including the part that 'go back' takes up
Thank you.... : ))

  SEASHANTY 11:14 29 Aug 2004

If you are using Windows XP you could purchase a larger hard drive then copy all the info from the old drive by using XXClone
click here

  chriscross72 11:23 29 Aug 2004

I'm using windows 2000 pro

  pj123 11:30 29 Aug 2004

You can use xxcopy from click here but read this previous thread click here

xxclone will also work on W2K.

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