Noisy Graphics Fan! Driving me insane!!!

  ikle_pixie 23:40 04 Mar 2003

One day i turned my pc on and it started to sound like a dying animal. After a while it would calm down then stop. So i came to the conclusion it was a fan.

So after dismanteling and cleaning every fan in my pc one by one, i came to the conclusion that it was was graphics card. I have a Nvidia Geforce 2MX.

Cleaning it seemed to stop it, but after a week or so it was back!

Does anybody else have this problem or know how to stop it?

It doing it now and its really doin' me head in!!

  jediknight007 23:47 04 Mar 2003

I did the same as well a few months ago and now it roars at times. Maybe you could leave the side open and have a look at your graphics card fan when your PC is on. It's likely that the fan isn't working as well all the time and if it slows down at times like mine, it produces a loud roar. It does worry me though since one day, it might stop altogether and my graphics card could fry. Looks like I will need a new fan and heatsink soon and you might need one as well. There are some nice and quiet fans though and I did see a noise-free one before somewhere.

  Forum Editor 23:48 04 Mar 2003

I currently have exactly the same problem. My graphics card fan makes a racket when I boot the machine, and the only way to stop it is to turn off and start again. At the second attempt all is well. I suspect a failing bearing, and there's no cure, save a replacement fan.

I'm too busy (euphemism for lazy) to do anything more about it at the moment, but I imagine I'll be installing a new fan before the week's out.

  ikle_pixie 23:54 04 Mar 2003

lol glad to see im not the only one suffering. I have also found that starting the pc again will stop it. But i cant be doing this for the rest of its life. Can you get little replacement fans..i imagine u can...its just ive never seen any.

Plus i agree with you jediknight007. It does sound as if its speeding up then slowing down.

  jediknight007 00:05 05 Mar 2003

Have a look here click here

  ikle_pixie 00:09 05 Mar 2003

oooh which one do you think is the best?

  ikle_pixie 00:10 05 Mar 2003

I like the idea of the System Exhaust Blower. I think thats cool..

  ikle_pixie 00:13 05 Mar 2003

that crystal orb one looks good too..

  Djohn 00:14 05 Mar 2003

ikle_pixie, My old Voodoo3 3000 didn't come with a fan, just a heatsink. If you touched the top of it, it was hot enough to burn your fingers.

Fitted the exhaust fan, same as the one you like, and now the card is so cool you could leave your fingers on it all day, if you wanted! :o)

  ikle_pixie 00:16 05 Mar 2003

ooohhhh....i'm very tempted...and it'll be fine with that?

  Djohn 00:18 05 Mar 2003

PS. very quiet as well.

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