Noisy Fans

  kodak 20:08 14 Apr 2003

My pc at fairly regular intervals seems for no reason to access its two hard drives, the problem with this is that because the pc is doing extra work the fan on the psu cuts in and stays on for ages. The fact that this fan sounds like a plane taking off is driving me crazy. I have a 1ghz athlon, 512mb ram, an abit KT7 raid m/b and running windows 98. Any ideas why this is happening or is there a cure.

  gingepaul 20:30 14 Apr 2003

probably adware or spyware, get spybot from click here and run it.
and if u want a quiet fan get a zalman copper flower which is apparentl silent [20db]in quiet mode [35 norm] i ordered one yesterday so i'll get back to u when it comes.

  BarneyCGL 09:49 26 Jun 2003

So Gingepaul,

Any update? I've heard of the Zalman fan - is it as good as you expected?

  DieSse 09:58 26 Jun 2003

The Zalman cooler mentioned is for the processor - not the power supply.

I've never heard of a PSU fan that cuts in and out - are you sure??. maybe it's trying to speed up, and is simply very noisy when it does. Perhpas a bigger, better quality PSU might help.

This to me sounds like a faulty PSU.

Go get an ernemax unit from scan's today only ( click here ). These have dual fan's, tha tyou can control the speed they rotate, so you can have them going quick to take out hot air, or slow for very little noise!

  Aspman 15:19 26 Jun 2003

Something from QuietPC click here would probably do the job for you.

  shazza65 19:39 26 Jun 2003

Just joining in on the conversation regarding noisy fans, I have a loud PC and believe it is the PSU. I have been searching the web for a quiet PSU and have come across the ernamax and the QuietPC one. Does anyone have experience of any of these units in order for me to decide which one to buy or does anyone have another unit they could recommend?

  malgall 19:46 26 Jun 2003

i have a antec truepower 430w psu and you can not here a thing

  shazza65 20:01 26 Jun 2003

Thanks Malgall, can you give me a website I could visit to read up on the antec and to find out how much it will cost please.

The unit i have, is pretty good, reliable and best of all quiet and helps cool my machine...

  malgall 19:11 27 Jun 2003

the main site is click here

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