Noisy Computer Tower

  puddylump 20:49 04 Jul 2009

My Computer is less than 1 year old and is operating system Windows Vista.

Only today,my computer tower started to make a whirring noise intermittently. This noise stops when I log out from my computer account.

It has plenty of ventilation.

Can anyone help?



  rdave13 00:02 05 Jul 2009

I suspect either a case fan or graphics card fan is a tad clogged up with dust grime. You will need to open the case and gently remove any dust you see including the dust clogging up your CPU cooling fins.
Use a new 'artists' type of paint brush to dislodge the dust gently and hold a vacuum nozzle fairly close to get rid of.
Check all connections before you close up the case again in case you accidentally loosen one.

  Forum Editor 00:03 05 Jul 2009

especially when the noise is intermittent can mean several things:-

1. One of the fan bearings is beginning to fail. Either it's the CPU fan, the one on your graphics card, or the Power Supply unit fan.

2. A hard drive bearing is failing

3. A CD drive bearing is failing.

The only way to find out is to remove the casing and listen carefully - you can usually track the culprit down.

  puddylump 18:56 05 Jul 2009

Thanks for your responses to my problem.

I tried to access inside my computer casing to clean the fans, as advised, but I found a yellow Packard Bell VOID sticker that seemed to be sealing the case up. It is on the left hand side of the back of my PC. If I removed it, what consequences would that bring?

Is it likely that my Computer, or it's various drives, could be failing given the fact that all of its components are less than one year old?




  rdave13 19:00 05 Jul 2009

If it is still under warranty then contact the supplier. Looks as if you break the seal then the warranty will be void.

  puddylump 19:24 05 Jul 2009

When the computer makes the whirring noise, it sounds like it is trying to read a disk, or run a large program.

There is no disk in the drive and I don't know what program, if any, it is trying to load.

Any further advice gratefully received.



  Terry Brown 15:19 06 Jul 2009

Go to my computer, right click on the CD or DVD that is causing the problem.Select Properties, Select Autoplay and select 'Prompt me each time'

It sounds as if your system is loking for a Cd /DVD that it not finished with yet, and it is tying to start it.

  puddylump 18:42 06 Jul 2009

Yes I agree, it does sound like it is trying to finish with a disk.

When I found auto play, it had several options asking what to do with each media type. I put all options to: Ask me every time.

The problem still persists.

What else could I do please?



  puddylump 08:56 07 Jul 2009

What I have done now is, put all media types to 'Ask me every time' in autoplay, have made sure that autoplay is turned on, and have cleaned all the dust and fluff from the fans that I can access.

When I had done all the things with autoplay, the noise quietened down for about 3 hours. But after that, the noise came back. However, It's not as loud as before.

Would it help at all to purchase a can of compressed air to access the fan that I can't get to?

Any further advice gratefully received.



  puddylump 16:00 07 Jul 2009

The noise only gets loud when the Administrator account is logged in.

Any more advice would be appreciated.



  Terry Brown 20:24 09 Jul 2009

First Disconnect your internet Connection.

This is because the next step leave you open to risk.

Goto RUN, type in MSCONFIG and press ENTER.

Goto STARTUP and select selective start up.

This will load only the basic system.(NO Antivirus)

If this cures the problem, go back to msconfig, select NORMAL.

While in MSCONFIG, goto STARTUP and de-select all programs.

Re-start-- Is the problem cured ?, if yes--goback to MSCONFIG and select one item at a time until the problem starts, that is the cause.Ifb it is a program trying to load and you have the CD, reload it, else un-click it and select the rest of the list.

When you are happy, re-start your internet connection.

You may have to re-start after every MSCONFIG adjustment.


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