Noisy computer or maybe fan

  graham12 09:44 06 Feb 2013

Morning all this morning I switched my computer on to be greeted with a very load noise my first thought was that it might be the fan, upon inspection I noticed a lot of dust had built up so this was quickly cleaned.

I then tried starting again only to be greeted with the same noise so this time I took out the fan to give it a good claen as there was quite a lot of dust.

after putting the fan back into computer it will not start, so my question is will the computer switch on if the fan is broken or could it be something else altogther.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:52 06 Feb 2013

You do not state which fan it was but if it was just a case fan then it will have no bearing ion whether your PC will start or not. If it was the fan on top of the heat-sink covering your processor then yes it will probably stop the PC starting if it was not reinstalled correctly or plugged in to the correct header on the motherboard.

If you have a noise in your PC then remove the side and try and listen to where the sound is coming from. You have done the right thing by removing the build up of dust but in doing so you might have knocked another connection so try every cable in your PC and make sure that they are all seated correctly. Also make sure you have not dislodged a component such as your memory (RAM).

If it still does not work we will have to think of other causes.

  wee eddie 10:38 06 Feb 2013

Last time I had the Heatsink Fan off, I accidentally pinched one of its wires under the Mounting when I screwed it back. (the Screw Thread stripped the insulation off it)

I was lucky, I only shorted out the Motor which was easily, and cheaply, replaced.

  graham12 10:56 06 Feb 2013

I have rechecked all connections and have managed to get computer to start but upon starting I got the message computer unable to start, so got the message do you want to start repair which it is know doing but so far nothing has happened.

Just got message windows unable to repair this computer automatically, what is my best option as its given me a list from startup repair to recovery management these are all in system recovery options

  Chronos the 2nd 10:59 06 Feb 2013

You still have not mention what fan you removed?

What operating system are you using?

  graham12 11:03 06 Feb 2013

its windows 7 and the fan seems to be working ok, my problem now is that windows is not starting and have got the system recovery options screen up so am wondering do I start a complete windows reinstall or is there something else that I should do

  spuds 11:04 06 Feb 2013

Going on the report, it would appear that the fan was the first consideration or culprit and perhaps not the hard-drive. Considering that the computer will no longer start, could the hard-drive be at fault?.

You could do a simple test on the fan, using a ordinary low voltage dc battery.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:34 06 Feb 2013

Sorry you obviously do not understand my question. Was it a case fan or the fan on top of your processor?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 06 Feb 2013

Do the start up repair a few more times (often works at 3rd or forth attempt) do not give up on start up repair until run at least 5 times.

  graham12 16:05 06 Feb 2013

Thanks all have managed to get computer to work all is fine except that when trying to download a file or program it takes forever where as before I could download a large file within a couple minutes the same file is now taken over 15 minutes so not sure what is wrong.

I am with virgin media and have a download speed up to 30mb

  graham12 16:14 06 Feb 2013

I am downloading a file size 313mb and speed is 527kb/sec

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