Noisey Hard drive

  cheapskate2k 19:33 20 Feb 2003

Ive just bought a new heatsink, cpu fan and case fans now the only thing I can hear is my hard drive bussing away. Is there any great tip for quieting them down or will I have to spend a bit more and get some acoustic padding or something?

  Gongoozler 19:49 20 Feb 2003

cheapskate2k, the problem with trying to silence a hard drive with padding is sound insulation tends also to be thermal insulation. I think your only options are to apply sound insulation material to the case, or to replace your hard drive with one of the new generation drives with Fluid Dynamic Bearings. click here.

  cheapskate2k 19:55 20 Feb 2003

Yeah. I was only going to do the case as I understand the issues about heat. I was hoping there would be some great idea! My system is only a month old so I dont think I can quite warrant a new drive yet! The fans manufacturers fit as standard are crap though, the difference its made so far is pretty impressive.

  Gaz 25 20:53 20 Feb 2003

IBM Deskstars are a little buzzy!!!

I don't think there is a way of stopping it.

You could try, insulating with sound absorbtion pads and ten installing a HDD cooler and some front fans..

Try click here for a quiet solution, it worked for me. Athough if your hard disk is over 60GB it probably runs to hot for such sound absorbing cases round the HDD. Good Luck

  cheapskate2k 13:23 23 Feb 2003

I think its going to have to be some case padding rather than an enclosure for the hard drive because all the reviews say it will fry anything over 5400rpm ive got a western digital 80gig 7200rpm, it doesnt run hot now but im not gonna risk it! Anyone used acoustic padding? Is it any good?

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