Noisey hard drive

  dth 16:23 21 Mar 2006

I bought a new hard drive yesterday from P/c World. It is a straight forward pata 80gb Hitachi drive.

Installed it last night but it really makes a noise when the P/C is running (not just on starting up) and I wnder if it is faulty. When I tried running some graphic software you can really feel the drive turning.

Should I take it back or is this normal (I only ask ask my other hard drive is really quiet by comparison).

  Diemmess 17:00 21 Mar 2006

[When I tried running some graphic software you can really feel the drive turning]

? Probably not the HD!
Much more likely a dodgy cooling fan or resonant chatter from a loose screw or panel.

Whether or not data is screaming in and out of the drive should not affect the loading on the drive and therefor the sounds.
If the drive really is noisy then return it.
Any noise from a healthy HD can only be bad bearings or some imbalance in the rotating parts.
They are expected to run for thousands of hours continuously and one that grinds from the start instead of a very faint hum, will fail quite soon

  dth 09:08 22 Mar 2006

Diemmess - Many thanks for your posting.

I went back and checked everything - only to find a slightly loose screw that was causing the sound problem.

Thanks again

  Diemmess 17:08 22 Mar 2006


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