Noisey Computer

  numskull 09:09 17 Feb 2005

My tower seems to have started making a noise.
It sounds like the fan is spinning far too fast,
bit like a propeller aeroplane revving up to take off.
It does seem to settle down but can start up again.
Any ideas?

  Chezdez 09:37 17 Feb 2005

check in your BIOS (hit delete as your comp is booting), somewhere in there there should be a monitor telling you how fast your fan is spinning, and allow you to adjust the speed

  Gongoozler 10:08 17 Feb 2005

Processor fans often get noisy after a year ot two in use. The heatsink with fan isn't very expensive, but you have to be very careful to clean all the old compound off the processor when you fit the new one. If your new heatsink is a similar pattern to the old one, you can often just swap the fan. I fitted a heatsink with a large diameter fan and it is very quiet. Have a look at the heatsinks here click here, and this is similar to the quiet fan I'm using click here

  Belatucadrus 11:03 17 Feb 2005

But it could also be a case fan or worst case scenario a PSU cooling fan. Don't try to change a PSU fan unless you really know what you're doing, as working inside a PSU is potentially dangerous. It would be safest to replace the unit.

  numskull 11:10 17 Feb 2005

I have had a look at the fan speeds:-
CPU - 4963rpm
System Fan Speed - 2518rpm
Are these about right?

I can only disable or enable fan speed detection, it doesn't seem to allow me to change the actual speeds.

  Gongoozler 12:55 17 Feb 2005

To find which fan is making the noise you will need to open the case. If you are confident to do that, roll up a sheet of A4 paper to make a tube about 30cm long and 25mm diameter. Put one end against your ear and use it like a stethoscope to locate the noisy part. Be careful that you don't stop the processor fan for more than one or two seconds as the processor can overheat very quickly.

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