noise when i select

  2020 10:46 17 Mar 2004

this has just started when i booted up. when i select anything it is accompanied with a clicking sound...why?
also don't know if this is related[why should it be]but when i start up i get a default warning window and also alert to insert floppy disk which will not go away till i obey the request. i just ckick the defalt x to loose it.
any suggestions for this rather odd set of events
with thanks

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:50 17 Mar 2004

The click may be the navigation sound event of windows that can be remover in sound events in controll panel,the other could it be that floppy is selected as fisrt boot device in bios?.


  daftdruid 10:52 17 Mar 2004

hi there 2020, 1 thing that springs to mind is that your hard drive might be having problems,or even on the way out. One way of checking this is to go to the Seagate company site,where you can download a utility that will check the drive for possible faults.Although it is intended mainly for Seagate drives,it also contains a generic test for other drives.Hope this helps.

  2020 11:52 17 Mar 2004

well i got the clicking stoped as suggested  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË. i ran system check thru Aida32 no faults/errors reported. will i still need to get the seagate test?
also from mrmory i think i changed the floopy not to boot first but i can't rember how i did that? can you advise..thanks for all especially loosing that annoying sound.

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