Noise from VGA lead from pc to monitor

  tonyx1302 15:53 24 Nov 2016

Hopefully someone can help me please. I have a HP monitor connected to a HP desk top pc and suddenly I get a continual buzz from the lead but only when I am connected to the internet. I tried fitting ferrites to both ends in the hope they would surpress the noise but the problem is still there.

So I brought and fitted a new HD heavy duty gold connections etc VGA ...male to male... lead in the hope that the original lead was broken.

Unfortunatly the buzz persists even with the new lead. Any thoughts please. Tony

  Belatucadrus 16:32 24 Nov 2016

Sounds like it's picking up something from the router, are you on cable connection or WiFi ?

First suggestion is try a shielded HDMI cable, shortest one you can get away with, something like this Click Here . Be wary some suppliers charge an arm and a leg for triple or quad shielded cables and there's no guarantee it'll work.

  Belatucadrus 16:36 24 Nov 2016

Wrong cable sorry, don't know what my mind was doing.

  Burn-it 16:44 24 Nov 2016

I would check the placaes you are plugging it into. That sounds very much like mains leakage to me.

  tonyx1302 20:02 24 Nov 2016

Any thoughts anyone please ? Tony

  tonyx1302 20:03 24 Nov 2016

my pc is wirede to my router by the way

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