Noise on telephone line and broadband

  Smudge 22:28 03 Aug 2003

Ever since I've had broadband (via Pipex) installed there has been a lot of noise on my voice calls-the other caller hears me fine, but I get a lot of noise through the earpiece. It's not the phone as it happens on any phone, any socket in the house.

I've got the standard filters Pipex provided.

Anyone else have this problem?.

  Gaz 25 22:43 03 Aug 2003

Yes, I can now not connect to the net using broadband after a crackle on the line, back to Dial-up.

  Rtus 22:57 03 Aug 2003

Er sounds familier ...I suffered the same on dialup (56K) reported it..after prompt attention by busby engineers (ahem) I had no line at all for three weeks ..a paltry offer of £18:00 compensation and the lines still noisy at times..So hope you get yours fixed ..And I get back to being a regular here..Good luck.

  researcher 23:07 03 Aug 2003

I've also got Pipex and no problems once BT had sorted out the line. A few suggestions:

1 Get BT to test the line.
2. Try different filters (borrow from a friend)
3. The filter must be installed at the primary socket.

No 1 is probably the most important because if the line is not OK you're stuck with problems.

  graham√ 23:10 03 Aug 2003

Log on to Broadband. Unplug all other telephones, faxes, etc., and all filters.

Now test each socket with one filter and one telephone. Break dial tone by dialling 2. If no noise is heard, try the next socket with the same filter and telephone.

Then try different filters/telephones on each socket.

You may find it is just one filter, socket or phone causing the problem.

  Gaz 25 23:14 03 Aug 2003

I have done all these but it is a BT fault in my case.

  graham√ 23:21 03 Aug 2003

Sorry to hear that. Can you hear the crackle, and have BT confirmed the fault?

Rtus, are you still having problems? Closing down for the night.

  Rtus 23:44 03 Aug 2003

Not half ..But said engineers took 14 days to find fault then called someone else to fix it As not their dept! On the 3rd week I called the via mobile To ask for update on progress told it would be another 6 days then along come 1 chap who found Id been mistakenly disconnected by another repair crew!!! Its now fixed but internet is almost impossible at times ( perfect before fault)partic when raining or windy out..Line test Ok So they say..but then it did that when it was dead. Excuse my Non enthusiasm on this subject..I appologise for intruding in Smudge's thread..thanks for assistance.. graham..

  Jean-Luc Picard 02:29 04 Aug 2003

I use pipex and have had problem with filters that severely effect the volume on my primary phone. Without the filters connected the volume is fine. When I raised the problem with pipex immediately after purchase of the filters from them they told me to purchase a third party replacement. I then Emailed them to request conformation that they would meet the cost and this was not forthcomming. Due to other commitments i regretably did not follow this up and still do not have a solution to this day.

  Stuartli 07:58 04 Aug 2003

If, and only if, the fault lies in the BT section of your phone line, then you will not have to pay the £50 plus VAT charge to cure it.

BT is able to test your line from the exchange; you should arrange (perhaps even insist) for this to be done via the 151 number and asking for the engineering department.

You should then be asked to constructively disconnect and connect various elements of your phone system until the offending section is found.

If the fault lies with BT then, as I stated, you will not (or should insist) that there is no charge to you.

  MichelleC 09:13 04 Aug 2003

I could be totally offkey but if you've had dialup and had BT turn up the gain (volumne) on the line, b/b doesn't like it so you could experience this symptom.

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