A noise problem with PC

  Star5 22:08 02 Mar 2004

Started to have a lot of problems recently, PC making a lot of noise on first start up then the noise dies down but I can still hear it making strange sounds. It does not sound so bad after it has been up and running for a couple of hours. At the same time PC started restarting on its own or I would get errors and explorer would close. This was happening all the time. PC is on 20 hours a day and I have Broadband and using Trend Micro Internet Security. I have done all the usual checks, scandisk, defrag, adaware, and Trend micro. Found viruses, Java_BYTVERIFY.A and Java_NEEDY.A and got rid of them but PC is still very sluggish, although it has stopped restarting own its own and not so many errors. Resources are at 68%, with 15 programs running in the background, checked with pacs-portal and I think I need them all.

Not sure what to do, do I need new hard drive? And which one or a new processor, which on? Not a lot of money and I love my computer. I will be buying more memory but I wanted to get this sorted first. I am not an expert but when I checked the fan it sounded fine.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks star5

System Info -

BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Processor: Intel Celeron, MMX, ~468MHz
Memory: 128MB RAM
OS – Windows ME

  Blitzer 22:15 02 Mar 2004

With regards to the noise issue I would have thought a worn fan would be the most likely cause. They are pretty much the only moving parts I can think of other than disk drives.

Look for fans in/on: Processor, case, power supply, graphics card and motherboard.

  woodchip 22:21 02 Mar 2004

Intel Celeron 486mz does not help, it work but that's about all you can say for it. I would say you have a very old computer on it's last legs excuse the pun. But that's my honest opinion.

  Star5 22:33 02 Mar 2004

I use the computer for mostly the Internet and the kids use it for homework/college work. Would it be worth replacing any of the parts as I am not able to buy a brand new computer at the moment. Any suggestions?


  woodchip 22:42 02 Mar 2004

First thing to check is if it's a AT system or ATX. you need to take the side of to find out. This is what to look for.

The multi wire plug or plugs that go to the motherboard. If there are two plugs side by side with single row of wires tell you it's a AT System if it's only one Plug with two rows of wire one behind the other then it's a ATX. the second thing to check is the power supply Watts it's the box with all the wires coming from it. it will more than likely be about 200 or 250 Watts if it is it's not big enough but that's the point it's knowing how far you £ stretch to. come back with what you can find

  woodchip 23:04 02 Mar 2004

This is one way you could go.

Case click here

Motherboard click here

CPU click here

Memory click here

and use drives etc from your old comp

  woodchip 23:07 02 Mar 2004

PS you would need a fan for the CPU

  Star5 23:46 02 Mar 2004

Thanks Blitzer for your reply.

Hi Woodchip,

Thanks for the info. I have checked inside comp and I found one plug with two rows of wires one behind the other - ATX. I checked the power supply and that is 300 watts.

What are your thoughts?


  JerryJay 00:17 03 Mar 2004

I think Blitzer is right. The cooling could be in bad state. Because the machine is not properly cooled due to problem with fan, CPU get overheat and shut down to protect automatically. You can check is this is the case by using Motherboard Monitor/Speed Fan to monitor temperature of different part. Normally operation, CPU tem should be under or around 40C for an Intel CPU.
I will post web address on next post.

  JerryJay 00:20 03 Mar 2004

Motherboard Monitor mbm.livewiredev.com

  hugh-265156 00:48 03 Mar 2004

to find out where the noise is coming from,open the side of the case and use a kitchen role tube or similar to you ear(seriously) to locate the source.(note: dont do this with anybody looking :-) )

replace any fans if thats where the noise is coming from and clean the gunk off the rest.very cheap to replace fans etc.

what version of windows are you running?

for internet browsing/homework/email etc and say running windows 98 for example you may still have a very usable machine.upgrading the ram maybe may help speed things up abit for little outlay.

reinstalling windows if its never been done before will give you a clean system and no doubt a speed boost if its all clogged up with junk,just back up anything you wish to keep beforehand.

if the noise comes from the hard drive try a diagnostic on it.

seagate click here

maxtor click here

hitachi/ibm click here

western digital click here

any one should work with most ide drives.

check for spyware and adware which can sometimes slow things down with adaware and spybot click here click here

if you wish to do more with the computer ie/play latest games and edit video etc then a new system would be called for.

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