Noise from new hard drive

  carver 22:00 12 Oct 2003

I've just installed a new Maxtor 80GB hard drive with an 8mb buffer that is very quite after boot up but if you write to it or run scan disk it starts making a grinding noise while it's doing either of the two functions. Any ideas any one?.

  carver 09:11 13 Oct 2003

What I want to know is how I get the only hard drive that is knackered from day 1. Watford Electronics had about 200 in stock and they manage to sort out the only duff one and send it to me. I suspected it might have something wrong but I thought it might just have been me being paranoid about abnormal noise from the hard drive. Thanks for the replies.

  carver 18:09 13 Oct 2003

The only problem with the PowerMax is that it will not support motherboards with Nvidia chipsets and mine has, it's a Gigabyte board with an Nforce chip. Anyway thanks for the replies. I have to look on the positive side, I am now getting to be quite an expert at replacing hard drives.

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