Noise from HD- how long before she blows?

  squareye 11:48 25 Aug 2005

Hi All,
I'm getting a grinding sort of sound when I boot up,goes away once running about 20 seconds it's the HD- a Samsung SV600 3H, bearings most likely compared to some sample sounds that were in the mag cd once. I've a back-up (slave)drive an old 8gb Western 8cce, this only has room for the essential personal stuff. So what's the best course of action? Get a new drive before this goes chests up? I only have a recovery disc for XP, came preinstalled on Fujitsu-Siemens T.Bird, is this likely to be keyed to the original drive, that is now noisy.If I install a new drive, is it straight forward to swap everything over to it.
All advice gratefully appreciated, Thanks SQ

  LastChip 12:09 25 Aug 2005

Who knows; a second; a day; a month maybe.

You certainly need to change the drive as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, make sure you do have ALL your personal data backed up.

Physically changing it is no problem. A few screws, a jumper and a couple of connectors and that's it.

Just how your manufacturer arranged the recovery option, remain to be seen. Some have a hidden partition that contains essential data, others don't.

I doubt that the drive is "keyed" to the recovery disc, as this would be too restrictive for repairs such as yours.

I suspect, when you change the drive and put your recovery disc in the computer, it will reload the operating system. But it will be as when you received the machine new. Any extra software, will have to be reinstalled.

Some drive manufacturers offer free utilities to clone the contents of your existing drive to the new one. This is OK, but you get "warts and all", so any stray files and so on, that inevitably collect over time, will be transferred as well. It may also lead to start-up problems, as your new drive will be different to that which XP expects. If that happens, XP's "Repair" option may sort it out.

  xania 12:10 25 Aug 2005

Firstly, don't delay. Get your replacement HDD as quickly as possible. There are all sorts of different ways to transfer the data to your new drive, but you certainly don't want to risk your old drive running more than absolutely necessary so my best offer would be Partition Magic. Install the new HHD as your Master and set up the old as Slave. Use the PM installation disk as a boot disk and copy each parition directly from the old drive to the new. If you have separate partitions, get the data across first - remember that the old HDD could fail at any time.

Good luck!

  Gongoozler 12:11 25 Aug 2005

Hi squareye. With hard drives available from under £40, you really need to prepare for the inevitable. Most (or all) hard drive manufacturers web sites have available for download software to transfer all your old drive programs and data to the new one.

  xania 12:12 25 Aug 2005

Oh yes - I forgot to mention - any hidden parittions on the old HHD will be visible in PM so you can copy these across as well.

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