myanmarboy 12:31 02 May 2008

My old machine died on me yesterday and I replaced it with a new one from PC WORLD. After having been up half the night recovering data etc from the old drives I have noticed that the new machine is very noisy when it is doing something - ie when the little red light at the front is flickering. I took out PC Performance for the machine but when I called their helpline they told me to take it back to the store and exchange it. Not really what I want to do if there is a simple reason or alternative. At rest there is just a very gentle hum from the machine but when it has to work the noise is very annoying. One hard drive (500gb), processor tab says Intel Core 2 Quad and OS is Vista. Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance.

  Clapton is God 12:41 02 May 2008

The advice already given is the best - take it back

  FreeCell 14:43 02 May 2008

Sound like it is the hard drive that is making the noise. You don't say much about what sort of noise, but generally it should be just a slight audible rapid clicking noise. Some drives are virtually silent.

Anything other than that then as PC Performance say take it back as it may be a faulty drive which can be replaced. Ask them to copy over all the content of your old drive to the new one to save you another nights work.

  myanmarboy 15:05 02 May 2008

CisG and FreeCell
Thanks for the info. The noise is as FC describes a rapid clicking noise or a throaty growl which runs in tandem with the red light on the front of the tower.
Did'nt fancy going through all the hassle again particularly as some of my software is downloads and I don't have CD Roms for installation, but if that's the solution that's what I have to do. Thanks anyway.

  ronalddonald 13:22 23 May 2008

Take it back and try to get new one or get a refund. and try click here and have a look at their computers.

  mrwoowoo 17:15 23 May 2008

Have vista and an Western digital 500gb hard drive.
It does rumble a lot for a while after start up and when busy.Similar to the water pipes when the hot tap is running(which i thought it was at first).
Perhaps these are noisy drives?
Had it 5 months and no probs performance wise,and it has done it from new.

  mrwoowoo 17:18 23 May 2008

Since the pc is new,you should have a years warranty,so you could see how it goes as there's no rush.
Just back up important progs and docs in the meantime.
It may be nothing.
If your pc world is local,you could pop in and ask to listen to your model under load in the store.
That way you would know if it's the norm.

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