elbecko 11:58 23 Nov 2005

the fans in my computer sometimes are very noisy, can anything be done to quiet them down?

  freaky 16:15 23 Nov 2005

You could try cleaning the fan blades - they accumulate dirt from the atmosphere, this causes the blades to go out of balance and vibrate.

The other cause of noise is the motor bearings, they may have worn excessively, or might need a drop of oil. If the bearings have worn, then you will need to replace the fan - they are quite cheap to buy.

  palinka 16:31 23 Nov 2005

look in click here They sell quiet(er)fans and other kit relating to this. Fans are quite cheap.
other solutions suggested from time to time: put your tower on a piece of carpet; fit acounstic feet (also from quietpc); put tower on the floor instead of on the desk (slightest vibration on the desk magnifies noise).

  ade.h 16:48 23 Nov 2005

Cleaning the dust off will only be of limited value if the fans are not top-quality. Go to the superb site that palinka suggests and buy yourself some decent fans and accessories.

Here's what I use for a virtually silent PC (depends on your budget of course - I would not want to buy all this in one go!)

Zalman 9500 CPU fan, Accousti-fan dustproof, Qtechnology PSU, Accousti-mat case lining, Vantec fan and PSU mounts, Accousti-feet. Oh, and a silent graphics card cooler. The real must-have items were the silent case fan, PSU and CPU cooler. The less noise and vibration there is, the less you have to silence it.

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