Nof7 photo gallery

  fly2hi 23:59 11 Nov 2004

Next silly question dep't ?

I can see the fundamentals of the photo gallery i.e. you create a thumbnail page and nof creates the photo pages, click on a thumbnail etc.

looking at the help file it says i can create a text link to the gallery which will take the user to the first pic in the gallery and he can then navigate from there.

What i'd like to know is..can i have a text link that takes the user to a specific photo in the gallery, i.e. the required photo pops up to view and then he closes it, no further navigation req'd in the gallery.

Can i use the gallery photos in this way or do i need to create photo pages individually for this type of link?

Sorry if it's a dumb question?

  jolorna 11:10 12 Nov 2004

i might be wrong but i would think the only way you could do what you want is to link your text to the html file that the photo gallery has created which will be in the html folder

  steve263000 11:35 12 Nov 2004

Could you not have a seperate page for each photo, and make the brower open a seperate window that can be closed after viewing? Just put a T/nail in a page, then hyperlink it to the page you want. Or am I talking complete drivel? 00:49 13 Nov 2004

is ok if you want to show a few images from the database it creates, but if you want just one photo per link use either a javascript pop-up window, or a new page for each full size pic.

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