NOF7 image files not always in image folder

  grumpy-git 09:06 06 Mar 2005

Several times now I have noticed that when I build a site one of the image files is not published in the image folder with all the other images. All the links to that image will work as the software "knows" where it has put the image, but why does it not get put in the correct folder in the first place?

It is getting to the stage that I know I will have to look for the mis-placed image each time I build a site.

Obviously not a life or death situation, just curious!!

For those of you who remember earlier problems I had with NOF7 taking several minutes to open a close a site with about 170 pages, well check out the other subject as I have updated it.


  Forum Editor 09:33 06 Mar 2005

and one of them is that there can be randon glitches on publishing a site to the server. One of these glitches is that duplicate graphics or image files can be created, and sometimes you'll see a file outside the images folder when there's already one inside. The duplicate file will often have an underscore in front of its name.

There are other possible anomalies, but they aren't serious, and I won't go into them now.

One way to help things along is to do a bit of preparation prior to publishing the site from your hard drive. When you publish your site NOF will create files and folders on your local drive in preparation for uploading the generated HTML code to your server space. The folder within your user site folder that is created is called "Local Publish" by default. Just prior to publishing the site, navigate to your NetObjects/User Sites/name of your site/ folder on your hard drive and delete the "Preview" and "Local Publish" folders. Then go into Assets view in NOF and check for duplicate filenames - if you click the 'Names' tag your files will be in alphabetical order, so you can check more easily.

  Forum Editor 09:39 06 Mar 2005

Your index.html page still has a "Merry Christmas" greeting on it, and even worse......a hideous pop-up for Norton finance jumps into the centre of the page.

That's a sure-fire way of deterring visitors if ever there was one.

  grumpy-git 13:38 06 Mar 2005

That's in preparation for next year (joke)

Yes, I admit there are loads of little bits from the past I should be clearing up, and that is one of them. As for Norton Finance, that can go - don't even know where it came from - thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for those tips as well!!


  Forum Editor 14:12 06 Mar 2005

I know just how demanding a big site can be in terms of maintenance, and yours is certainly big. It's obviously important to keep content current and relevant - nothing deters visitors more than seeing something that hasn't been updated for a long time. I maintain quite a few sites for clients - I'm paid to do it, so that's obviously a big incentive - and I run a diary system in Outlook which alerts me when a site (or a section of a site) hasn't been touched for specific periods. It's a little like gardening - if you try to tackle it all in a big rush it's too daunting, but if you nibble away at it a little at a time you suddenly realise that you're on top of it at last. Then it's time to start again.

  grumpy-git 16:08 06 Mar 2005

I have removed the "Xmas Greeting" but cannot see where the bit about Norton comes from?? Have even tried it on two different pc's, is it on that index page?

As time goes by I do try to improve sections of the site, such as changing to larger and better quality images. My "regulars" know where to look for updates & there is a "news" page. An e-mail list also informs subscribers of all updates as well.

There is no defending out of date stuff, unless of course it is of historical interest (excuses, excuses)

You will be pleased to know I have mastered linking "several" NOF sites together, so I am taking notice of your tips (and from others)


PS any thoughts on the possible causes of the long opening/closing times of a site, could it have been duff contents in a table cell?

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