NOF and third party FTP application

  mco 19:55 10 Oct 2005

This is a real quickie: FE mentioned in another of my postings "don't use a 3rd party FTP application to publish your site - do it directly from NOF" Does that mean I don't NEED to use one- because I can publish it directly from NOF or does it mean I SHOULDN'T use one because of some reason I don't know about?

  Forum Editor 20:49 10 Oct 2005

Don't use one because you don't need to, and don't use one because you shouldn't. Let NOF do what it was designed to do.

  Taran 21:26 10 Oct 2005

NetObjects, like most high end web authoring software, can publish sites from within the parent program.

Make your site using NetObjects, publish it using NetObjects.

There really is little point in adding another program into the mix when NetObjects can do it all for you. To use another program for FTPing your site content, you'd have to publish it locally from NetObjects to a folder on your hard drive (which is the same as publishing to the web without the relevant server settings and username/password) and then you'd have to set up the FTP transfer using the server settings and username/password you could have put into effect in NetObjects to begin with.

In short, you'd be adding an unnecessary stage with software that you don't need to do the same work that NetObjects is capable of handling for you.

If NetObjects was incapable of FTP then I'd say go right on ahead and use a third party dedicated FTP program (WS_FTP Pro is my all time favourite) but since it can happily publish the sites you create using it from within the same program it is pointless giving yourself more work to publish your files.

  mco 22:49 10 Oct 2005

Just wondering because I had a problem tonight with the NOF FTP 'hanging' on me, so I tried with an FTP application I already had set up - which worked fine. I'll try with NOF again next time.

  Forum Editor 23:41 10 Oct 2005

There was a fix for slow uploads in one of the updates for version 8.0.

You can get the updates if you
click here

  Bebee 06:31 11 Oct 2005

I'm still having the same problem with NOF version 8.0, which has all the updates, and have had to use another FTP program. It freezes at various stages. I'm still working on sorting it out because I think it should work.

  mco 07:59 11 Oct 2005

It was the version 7 free with PCAdvisor a few months ago

  Forum Editor 13:49 11 Oct 2005

make sure you visit the web site and download all the available updates.

  mco 16:24 11 Oct 2005


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