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  holligan 20:01 30 Sep 2003

When i try to do first page i fill it in then it says save as.when i press save it says path not correct then i cant get the page this what all the web programs are like as there to hard for me.whats the going rate for a web site i give up.

  Forum Editor 20:42 30 Sep 2003

I'm not coming this far with you, only to see you beaten by some software. You control the software remember, it's not the other way around.

NetObjects Fusion likes to save sites in its own directory, with the .nod file extension. Let it do that - don't try to change the default folder. When you save a site for the first time, using the file/save as command, NOF will present you with a 'users' folder, and all you have to do is choose a name for the site - call it anything, it doesn't matter. Then, as you work, you can save your changes by clicking the 'save' icon. Do this often, don't work for two hours and then see your machine crash on you, losing all your work.

If you shut down NOF without remembering to save, it will remember for you, and will back up your changes to the default folder. Give it a try, and don't let it beat you.

  Forum Editor 20:45 30 Sep 2003

you don't have to name an index page - the software will do that automatically. The software will create its own image folder, and will upload the site to the server in the proper way - everything will be as it should be - you can concentrate on the design.

  frodge 21:01 30 Sep 2003

Holligan, have you read the "Quick Start Tips"?
I found these the best way to learn. I printed out the "Building Business Websites" tutorial manual out so I could read as I progressed through it. Also printed out the User Guide for easy reference. Sad I know but I find reading in bed a great help.

  phil 22:49 30 Sep 2003

There lies the difference between a WYSIWYG type of program and a PROPER program.

Coffee Cup saves as .htm, it gets treated as .htm file by Windows and is posted to your webspace as a htm. file.

Not some .noddy file

Sorry to be so abrupt with you Holligan but I still think you need to learn the basics first.

  Forum Editor 23:13 30 Sep 2003

what on earth are you talking about?

NetObjects Fusion is one of the best site design programs on the market, and all files are uploaded to the server as HTML.

The .nod file extension is simply the native file format for NOF.

Methinks its someone else who needs to learn the basics, and get a few facts right before adopting such a superior tone.

  Taran 00:05 01 Oct 2003

Imagine a program for designing websites that stores all of your images, text documents, web pages and the links between them all as a single project file.

That's exactly what NetObjects Fusion does: it gathers all of the elements of your site into a .NOD file which is simply a project storage area for everything to do with the site you are working on.

When you select the option to Publish or Preview your web site, NetObjects obligingly generates the HTML pages for you. You can publish locally to a folder on your computer or to a web server where the site will be live and online.

Publishing locally to a folder on your own PC will show you the HTML pages NetObjects has generated with images and other site elements held in a subfolder called Assets.

You certainly don't need to go on a computer course to get to grips with NetObjects or any other web editing program and if I was willing to suggest some PC courses that might help, ECDL would not feature on any list of mine if you wanted to learn HTML and web editing.

The help files in NetObjects are very comprehensive and will guide you through the process of how to create and manage websites.

If you go to your Start, Programs, NetObjects folder you should see an entry called NetObjects Fusion Quick Start Tips. Open this up for lots of useful 'how to' tutorials presented in a mixture of text, images and short training movies.

A couple of websites you might want to look at for general information and help on using the NetObjects program are:

click here

click here

Please don't be put off by some of the less than helpful you have received so far.

NetObjects is a superb program and one of its main benefits is that it is quite easy for a newcomer to get the hang of and it is also used by many professional web designers, myself included. It generates very reliable HTML code for you when you publish the pages and if you need more reassurance, take a look at some of the reviews of the program:

click here

click here

By any web designers standards, NetObjects certainly qualifies as a 'Proper' program, although other programs are better for those who do a lot of hand coding.

Incidentally, on the subject of the excellent CoffeeCup HTML Editor (which I also use extensively) since the latest version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor supports a split view for editing pages it is, in fact, a WYSIWYG editor and not the code only editor it used to be. The split view shows the web page on one half of your screen and its code on the other. Change the code and you see the alterations live on the preview page, hence it is now a WYSIWYG editor.

Product knowledge is important when arguing the case for one program over another, don't you think ?

Good luck with your site holligan, and if you get stuck, just ask.

We are here to help.


Taran 00:34 01 Oct 2003

NOF MX for both my sites and even as a complete novice, found it fairly simple.
Just follow the instructions, and dont worry about creating files and folders, NOF takes care of this.
It will create the site before you start building it. Just click on 'Create new site', save it as 'The name you want' (e.g. "Holligans House"), THEN start creating your home page. NOF will automatically save it as index.nod (Net objects document).
You then create each extra page with your titles and just click save.
If you have any specific problems send me an email. I am no expert, but experimented enough to grasp the basics.

Dont give up now. Good luck, Whiz...

  holligan 15:10 01 Oct 2003

fe i will try again then.but you dont know how thick takes a while to get the hang of it.its a forign lanuage to me and iam not to good at english.HAHAHA ps, no one give me a price

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