NOF issues, again... 01:10 29 Mar 2006

I have always used NOF, and praised it highly, until the advent of the Firefox browser, which has shown that NOF is a shambles! No wonder they don't reply to emails. I would advise anyone to think carefully before parting with your cash.

I thought I would validate the code via W3 and make the necessary alterations by hand to enable it to render properly in Firefox and Opera.

I would have to live to be 100 years old! It would be quicker to write the lot in Notepad. The index page alone showed 83 errors (I have over 200 pages besides this), and not being that much of an expert, I have to spend time working out what some of them actually mean.

The smallest pages, the popup photos, consist of a single photo, and one or two lines of text. They show ten coding errors each.

Apart from not specifying attributes like "type", which seems to be a common fault, they also use attributes that don't actually exist! They are not recognised tags.

I may just sort out the photo pages so that they centre in Firefox, and leave it at that. The site looks OK in IE5 6 and 7, and they are what most of the general public will be using (I hope). 09:01 29 Mar 2006

the most important error. It does not centre in FF, and that, coupled with the fact that FF also makes the row widths twicw as high as they should be, makes it look terrible. Have another look, in IE to see how it should look.

Thanks for the comments, but I still blame NOF mainly. They should have done more in their last upgrade to 9, than putting the price up for cosmetics and pay-to-use add ons!

  ade.h 16:45 29 Mar 2006

Hi Barry,

I've posted something that you will be pleased to read in my thread about NOF not centreing. Hope it helps you, though with 200 pages, pick a rainy day!

I'm surprised that you have so many errors; I use the W3 Schools validation tool and get about 20 to 30 per page, mostly of the same type, and they don't seem to affect the layout in any browser. I started working through them off the server recently anyway, partly to learn these things and partly because I'm a fussy so-and-so! LOL. 22:39 29 Mar 2006

that it is only NOF 9 that has this problem (I think). I built this site for someone a year or two ago using NOF 7 click here and thought I would check it out as I didn't recall having the same problem then. It centres in FF as intended!

I'll check out your thread ade.h, cheers.

  ade.h 22:57 29 Mar 2006

It's NOF 8 as well, unfortunately.

The wierdest thing is; why did it work with all my site designs until recently?! I have a site (in local publish only at the moment) that was designed a while back and it centres just perfectly. My first couple of NOF sites (now long replaced) were also fine. Newer sites, or those whose output I have edited substantially, no longer work.

The NOF support folk conveniently overlooked that part of my email!

  mco 22:59 29 Mar 2006

posted this query in the official NOF user forums? Don't pay much attention to them myself because they are not as frequently used as this one, but wonder if any other NOF users have expressed displeasure at said issue? 23:09 29 Mar 2006

and it seems that everybody else does as well. There is about one new post a month as far as I can see.

  ade.h 23:28 29 Mar 2006

I joined the W3 Schools forum recently. Haven't posted yet; just lurking at the moment.

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