NOF forms and Firefox... 00:43 10 Sep 2005

I have gradually been going off NOF since the last update to 8.

I have got quite a few sites designed using it, but have only just realised that forms created with NOF on all my sites do not work in Firefox! Any known fixes?

  Taran 00:52 10 Sep 2005

Are you referring to the way in which form elements (textboxes, radio buttons, drop downs etc) are displayed or the way in which the form data is processed when the Submit button is clicked ? 00:58 10 Sep 2005

It wont allow you to enter anything in the field boxes. Works ok in IE and Yahoo browsers.

  murgle 13:01 10 Sep 2005

I know that Firefox is an all round better browser but there are so many websites I still need IE to use them properly. Personlly I think it is Firefox that needs the mods to view these websites, surley this is easier than waiting for all webistes and software to be redesigned in order to be viewed in Firefox correctly. 13:40 10 Sep 2005

just because I dont use Firefox that often, doesn't mean that a lot of site visitors wont be using it.

They won't automatically think of changing browsers because they can't fill a form in. They will just exit the site.

NOF were supposed to have sorted Firefox issues in their last update. It seems all they are concerned about in version 8 is making money from add ons, instead of fixing the numerous faults in the software.

  Taran 14:01 10 Sep 2005

OK, I've just made the quickest of quick sites in NOF8 and published it locally onto my hard drive.

The form I made renders perfectly in Firefox.

I've tried this using NOF8 as a clean install with no program updates and also on another system with NOF8 update 4 applied.

Without digging into things I can't say whether this is a program issue with NOF or with Firefox, but the fact remains that my forms displayed perfectly from a base install of NOF and with update 4 applied.

When I say they display perfectly I'm also referring to the data handling where radio buttons and checkboxes can be selected or deselected, textboxes and textareas can be typed in and drop down selection listboxes can be, well, selected from ;o)

T 14:06 10 Sep 2005

They just dont work in Firefox!

I've just pulled this from a site I made, try it. click here If it works for you in Firefox, it must be my PC. I have tried every form from all of my 14 sites, and none work in Firefox.

  Taran 14:33 10 Sep 2005

On the link you posted things worked as soon as the page started to load.

Then they stopped working.

I filled in name and email address before the page had fully loaded then when your Flash banner kicked in tabbing and mouse clicking on form fields stopped responding.

I strongly suspect a JavaScript issue at work here.

I can only repeat that the test forms I have done work perfectly in Firefox served locally and online (I've just FTP'd them up to a test server to check).

I've not inlcluded any code to make the form fields required for submission and they process through my own CGI handler, but they work nevertheless.

If I get the time later this weekend I'll run through the page code. I do suspect a JavaScript issue, though I'm quite happy to be proven wrong.

  Taran 14:35 10 Sep 2005

When I said they rendered perfectly I also meant that they were handling data input and selection properly, even in Firefox.

Sorry if I hadn't been clear enough on that point. 14:38 10 Sep 2005

most of the sites in question do have a bit of Flash in the pages. I wonder if that is anything to do with it. But then again, other browsers aren't affected, and it is all done in NOF.

Being on BB, I didn't get the chance to see what happens before complete loading, but it sounds strange.

  Forum Editor 14:48 10 Sep 2005

because in Firefox the account application form works perfectly, and it's on the same page template as the other form - complete with Flash file.

I have forms working on NOF sites in FireFox, so it's specific to that page, Barry.

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