NOF disappointment... 02:00 26 Mar 2005

I have been using NOF for a couple of years now, and found it easy to learn from scratch, and very efficient tool for building, until today!

Last night I forkrd out the cash, and upgraded from 7 to 8 and really wish I hadn't bothered. So far, it has taken me a whole day trying to get table columns to equalize in page preview. They are perfect in design view, but on is always wider than the other in page preview.

Apart from that, it seems they have tried to make it as difficult as possible to use, by taking some of the basic elements and complicating them. Simple things like padding individual cells with a click up are missing, and apart from making existing things more difficult, they have actually added nothing new apart from a few templates.

Wish I'd kept my sixty quid in my pocket now! Not impressed at all. 11:36 26 Mar 2005

after still having no success, I am prevented going back to version seven by a message informing me I am no longer in possession of the correct user number.

So now I have a dozen sites I am unable to edit (another quirk of the upgrade, they are not imported), and an upgrade that wants things it's way rather than mine! I am still unable to get a table how I want it. 22:12 26 Mar 2005

I went to the help forum. As well as upgrading, it installs a launch utility on th PC which will at least allow me to launch NOF7 again.

Doesn't take the pain of a wasted £64 upgrade away though! I very much doubt I will be using it much.

  Forum Editor 00:30 27 Mar 2005

that you're having a problem Barry, I quite like NOF 8. I confess that I normally pad all the cells in a table at once, and of course you can do that with a single click on the table properties box.

As far as the column differences in page view are concerned - that will be influenced by content won't it? I've just run a few quick tests in NOF 8, and all seems well to me. When you created the table did you set the width/height attributes to auto? 03:29 27 Mar 2005

stop myself putting my fist through the screen in frustration with this version. I am talking about plain text from notepad being pasted into a two column table, but the program doesn't want to keep them evenly spread in the browser.

I ended up, after hours of trying to figure out what's wrong, making four separate tables instead of one large one.

I get on well with NOF, but not this version, they just seem to have complicated the simplest things, and added nothing new except a couple of useless utilities that they expect you to pay for!
Definately not worth the upgrade price.

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