NOF- Can't update Part II

  Diemmess 12:31 08 Aug 2006

It was "hide behind the settee" time when I checked what FE has done for me in my bother. click here
Clicked on the website Domain it opened and the first of my amendments on the home page was there!
Couldn't wait to get back to this forum and say a hearty thank you.

Oh Woe.
The two other (child)pages were not updated.
Specifically Parish Council page (Council Meetings)lacks insertion of "8.0 p.m." in front of "the first Thursday of"
The only other amendment was to Memorial Hall page where the second line after the pictures still reads "seating for sixty people." It should read "seating for 110 people".

So I went back to the website/cpanel looking everywhere, but altering nothing. Every instance of the appropriate html file (when selecting Show,) reads correctly.

What now? There's nothing seriously urgent out there but confidence in being able to update from time to time is at zero.

  Diemmess 21:11 08 Aug 2006

Ideas - Please

  ade.h 21:45 08 Aug 2006

Diemmess, if you are happy for me to take a look at the site, you can send me the site's folder and I'll open it, check it over and try uploading it to my test server.
Just right-click on the woolastonpc folder in User Sites and choose Send To > Compressed Folder. Then you can attach it to an email.


  Forum Editor 21:47 08 Aug 2006

Here comes an idea, Diemmess.

Go to those pages and click your browser's refresh button. You've been looking at the old versions because they're in your browser's cache.

I put the new pages into the site, and they've been there in all their glory since last night. At least, on my machines they have.

  Forum Editor 21:48 08 Aug 2006

He doesn't need to send you anything - the site's as it should be - see above.

  ade.h 21:57 08 Aug 2006

Okay. I'm used to my cache clearing every time the browser is closed, so I don't tend to think of that as a possible issue.

I still can't see the site though; could you confirm the URL for me?

  Forum Editor 22:19 08 Aug 2006

click here and you'll see it - there's something wrong at your end if you can't.

  ade.h 22:25 08 Aug 2006

Thanks. I was missing off the .uk part of the suffix.

  Diemmess 09:52 09 Aug 2006

G'morning F.E. and ade.h
Yes (said he sheepishly) its all there!

The first reply in the first thread was from He said "It's not your... own browser cache, is it?

The level of fundamental knowledge I possess is tiny as shown by all this work I have caused.
I regularly use CCleaner which clears out all the stuff accessable in Internet Options - temporary files and cookies, and thought that was all I had to do!

So I visited Aol Live Help and was directed to Aol's own System Information where a utilities tab leads to Clear Browser Cache.
With a possible max. cache of 70009Kb now reduced to 0, things should be better!

I really didn't know such a trap existed.
It will be a real pleasure to tick this one.

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