NOF 10 publish problems

  steve263000 07:27 21 Feb 2008

Hi all,
I have started using NOF 10 and have rebuilt my site using it.(click here if you are interested) I have uploaded the first build and all was well. Then as you do I wanted to make some minor changes.

I found it impossible to make those changes using the normal publish procedure, so I tried using FireFTP transfer, and that was OK.

Then I wanted to add another page and a couple more small alterations and even using FireFTP or the normal publish procedure in NOF I cannot make the changes. I am getting completely fed up with this and wondered if others had had similar problems or could suggest any work arounds to get changes published easily.

Once again thanks in advance.

  mco 08:34 21 Feb 2008

are you trying to alter that can't be altered using NOFs own publish facility? Seems odd to me - and certainly odder if you can't add an extra page via ftp either. Can you actually connect to your host via NOF?

  mco 08:39 21 Feb 2008

but I am finding your site really really slow this morning - are you sure it isn't the host's fault - temporary glitch?

  steve263000 06:15 22 Feb 2008

When I check with the NOF link to my host,(Heart internet) it all comes as OK. But no matter what I do I cannot make any changes. As for the speed I have just checked and the site loads very quickly.

  Forum Editor 07:53 22 Feb 2008

a reason for changes being rejected is file permissions on the server - if they've been reset then you may be prohibited from writing to certain directories.

I think this is unlikely in your case however, you've already published to your server space, and I'm sure you haven't altered any permissions.

When you try to publish from NOF do you get any error messages?

  steve263000 17:02 22 Feb 2008

When I publish through NOF I get a message saying that it has been successful and that is the most annoying thing of all. If I had an error message of some kind I could understand it, but there is just this success message.

  Forum Editor 22:22 22 Feb 2008

I know it's a silly question, but I'll ask anyway - you're not seeing a cached version of the site are you?

Clear your browser's cache and take another look, just to be sure.

  steve263000 06:43 23 Feb 2008

I have tried that FE and the files show as if they are on the server. But still changes do not show up. I am trying something else today and if it is successful I will come back later on.

  Forum Editor 12:28 23 Feb 2008

and they're in the correct directory (folder), with navigation links to/from the existing pages they must appear - in theory there's nothing to prevent that happening.

  steve263000 17:20 23 Feb 2008

FE, You are absolutely right which is why it is so frustrating. I tried creating a new local directory and re-saving the site in there and then republishing to no effect. I have taken a screen print of the preview that works perfectly and the online one without the new pages, and the local and online FTP screen that show indentical sites.

But the one that I see on the 'public_html' folder in Heart Internet is not the one that you see when you view it on the web.

If I cannot sort it out soon then I will ask Heart to collapse the site and build a new one with another site builder.

  Forum Editor 00:07 24 Feb 2008

in NOF, overwriting all the existing files on the server, rather than just publishing your changes?

You don't need to ask HeartInternet to 'collapse' the site - you can delete it yourself, using your FTP program.

If you think it might help, I'll be happy to take a look at the site structure on the server, to see if I can spot the problem. Just email me with your login details and I'll see what I can do.

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