NOD32 upgrade query

  CurlyWhirly 22:11 22 Jul 2006

I'm currently running the 30 day free NOD32 trial as I fancied a change from McAfee for the following reasons:

What I didn't like about McAfee was that every few days I would get a pop-up advert asking if I wanted to upgrade to the McAfee Security Suite, this only started happening after a recent McAfee Security Center update and was really annoying.

The main reason why I wanted to try something different is after a recent malware infection where my McAfee AV was damaged as the scanner wouldn't run anymore.
The memory scan run okay but then when it started scanning my hard drive, the scanner window disappeared and further attempts were even worse as the scanner wouldn't run at all.

This wasn't the first time it got damaged either as back last year I kept getting a message saying
"Some components of McAfee are damaged or missing. Please reinstall."

I suppose I could have done what I did last time and restore my back-up but I fancied a change.

I'm running NOD32 now and I am impressed by the speed of the scans, the very frequent updates (sometimes 3 or 4 updates a day) the light memory usage and only having 2 processes running where as McAfee had around a dozen running in Windows Task Manager!

I will definently buy it when the 30 day trial runs out but the problem I have is that I don't know when I installed it as in "Add/remove programmes" it just says 'Used:rarely' and 'Last used:9/7/2006" and this info is clearly out of date!

The actual download is dated 8th July so I assume that the 30 day trial starts from then?

I can't remember whether I installed it on the 8th or 9th July so I'm wondering whether I will get notification asking if I want to upgrade after 30 days as I might forget!

Has anyone run the 30 day NOD32 trial and upgraded to the full version after the trial period ended and if so was there notification of the expiry of the trial?

Also what does it cost?
I am guessing around the £25 mark?

  CurlyWhirly 22:21 22 Jul 2006

Thanks VoG™.

I always wondered why 'Add/remove programmes' always showed out of date info and now I know why!

However I'm still wondering about my NOD32 query.

  beynac 22:23 22 Jul 2006

For details/prices see: click here

  CurlyWhirly 22:30 22 Jul 2006

Thanks for the link.

I never thought of checking out the website - Doh!


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