chippy+ 17:40 08 Jan 2008

hi i am having trouble with updates for nod 32 paid version i never had bother before but now i would like to change anti virus recomendations please thanks Chippy

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 08 Jan 2008

AVG free...used it for 5 years and no problems at here


  birdface 18:15 08 Jan 2008

You can still download the PRO version of Avg from here .Just scroll down to where I say thanks for that.As soon as you open it it is just a matter of pressing run or save.The Pro version free for a year.

  rawprawn 18:30 08 Jan 2008

click here to update. Re download the latest version.

  [email protected] 18:47 08 Jan 2008

there was a problem with the 2.7 servers click here didnt have a problem myself, as rawprawn says try a re-install, as you have a paid up license it would make little sense to change your av.

  [email protected] 18:51 08 Jan 2008

sorry didnt read thread properly, go with avg or avast.

  rawprawn 18:55 08 Jan 2008

I have to ask, why change from NOD if it can be fixed? While I have no worries about other AV's suggested I feel that NOD is superior. NOD have a very good support team, if you are really frustrated try that.

  brundle 19:20 08 Jan 2008

The latest version (3.0.621) has caused an issue on a couple of machines in my workplace, licensed when using 3.0.566 then insisting it's a trial when the newer version is installed. Solved by logging into the Eset site using your NOD32 password and login, downloading a `paid for` version, removing the installed version, rebooting and installing the latest downloaded one. I emailed the support team asking why the program update (as opposed to virus database updates) was so clunky when others are so easy, most notably Avast. No reply as yet...

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