No XP Pro activation?

  rickf 15:53 27 Sep 2008

I have just installed XP PRO but can't find the Activation anywhere. Usually under system tools but not there. Could it be that it got activated automatically during installation/set up. When Xp was installing I went away to amke a cup of tea. Any info much apprecaited.

  rickf 16:02 27 Sep 2008

BTW, updates have downloaded automatically and installed. Is this further evidence that it was activated w/o my knowing during the XP installation process?

  rickf 16:08 27 Sep 2008


  rickf 16:57 27 Sep 2008

Thanks Vog. Will go and do that.

  rickf 16:58 27 Sep 2008

it's already activated. Must have done it by itself during the installation when I was away from my desktop.
Thanks again

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