"No wireless networks found in range"

  ryko25 09:13 29 May 2010

Hello, I am a complete novice and therefore have no idea how to fix this (but I'm hoping it's something absurdly simple which I am just too ignorant to fix!)

I've been using an old Dell Latitude C600 laptop with XP and a Belkin 802.11g Wirless card. I've been connected to the internet fine for over a year when suddenly, last week, I started getting the message for "View available networks" "No Wireless networks were found in range - Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on."
A friend came round with a laptop just to confirm that there still ARE several networks within range, and she connected no problem. But I have been unable to work out what has gone wrong with mine. Weirdly, in tinkering about, at one point I could briefly see several networks (but not the one I need to connect to), but now I am back to zero again.

The Device Manager says the Belkin card is working fine but if I click on the Belkin card it just says "Scanning" and has no data or statistics.

I have tried FN F2 which some forums suggest is a wireless switch for my laptop but this does nothing. I have also made sure the Windows Zero thing is started (which other forums suggest).

The network diagnostic says
Wireless - Service disabled
Wireless - User SSID
action User input required:Specify network name or SSID
Wireless - Radio off
action Manual repair: Turn radio switch on
Wireless - Out of range
action Manual repair: Ensure wireless network is in range
(and in red) Wireless - Hardware issue
info Redirecting user to support call

and later,
Winsock status
info IrDA protocol is not found in Winsock catalog

and later
Network adapter status
info Network connection status: Media disconnected

I have no idea what any of this means! But if someone could help me I would be amazingly grateful. I'm living abroad for a year and without skype I can't see my kids every day!

Many thanks in advance


  onthelimit 11:34 29 May 2010

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  Ashrich 23:15 01 Jun 2010

Have a look in device manager/network adapters/ and un-install the card or drivers ( while the card is plugged in to the PC ) then reboot and let Windows reload the drivers . Does this card have a Belkin wireless management suite with it ( Belkin software to manage wireless connections ) if so there may be a box to tick in there letting Windows manage the settings instead .


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