NO Wireless connections on laptop

  chale 19:12 09 Nov 2011

I have a laptop which cannot "see" any wireless connections for whatever reason. After troubloe shooting, it comes up with message " ENABLE WIRELESS" BY SWITCHING ON ETC.

However, turning on the switch using FN + key does not yield any result.

I have looked at the DEVICE MANAGER and the wirless adapter seems OK - no exclamation mark etc.

This laptop used to connect through wireless but not anymore.

Waiting for your help...

  Sea Urchin 19:24 09 Nov 2011

You don't mention the make and model of laptop - are you sure there is not a wireless switch on the front or side (usually on the left as you look at it).

  chale 20:49 09 Nov 2011

Sorry, its a an MSI CR630 laptop

  birdface 20:57 09 Nov 2011

I don't suppose you have this on it.

You can use the antenna-like button close to the power switch.

Or try services and make sure WLAN is on automatic.

  chale 21:06 09 Nov 2011

There is a wireless switch but there is no effect when switched on.

  Sea Urchin 21:12 09 Nov 2011

Yes, you're right - there doesn't seem to be a separate wireless switch. To enable wireless you press (and hold down) the Fn key and then press F8 repeatedly until the function is turned on. The wireless LAN LED indicator on the status bar at the front of the keyboard should glow green.

  Sea Urchin 21:14 09 Nov 2011

This is the maual I'm using

MSI CR630 manual

  chale 21:16 09 Nov 2011

I have done that - switching on and still it does not turn on. I have been to WINDOWS MOBILITY CENTRE and still its showing wireless OFF

  chale 22:23 09 Nov 2011

Thanks for the user mannual. I have had a look but unfortunatel they do not have a TROUBLE SHOOTING section.

Problem still outstanding.

  birdface 15:39 10 Nov 2011

What wireless adapter shows in Device manager under network Adapters.

Right click the wireless press update driver it may say it has the latest driver if so just come out again.

I had a lot of bother with my daughters wireless adapter and finally tried a wireless dongle on her laptop and that worked.

So maybe worth a try if nothing else works.

Just wondering if connecting it hardwired would help.At least it should give the proper ISP connection.

If windows7 try network and sharing center and click on to connect to network and see if you get in that way.

  chale 17:11 10 Nov 2011

I had a go at the Device Manager and checked the drivers - the message is that they are up to date. The only thing I have not tried is uninstalling and installing them again - may be they are corrupt....

By the way, I would love to have the wireless connection working. I have tried wired connection and it works.

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