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No wireless after fresh install of XP

  BeeWee 08:53 21 Jun 2010

I have a Sony Vaio VGN S3HP laptop. I have done a fresh install of Windows XP. I now have more problems than I started with!

In device manager the following are yellow:
Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Modem Dev on HD Audio Bus
Video controller VGA compatible
Network Controller

I don't understand it.

I can't pick up wireless internet and have a small display only in the middle of the screen with a wide black margin all around.

Please can anyone advise? I bought the laptop about 4 years ago without any recovery discs.

  BeeWee 20:17 21 Jun 2010

Hello! Yes progress for sure and I did as you said and increased the resolution. It worked a little bit and now I have a thinner black margin around the screen. Scrolling is a nightmare too which is obviously to do with the graphics card.

I've d/loaded lots of updates from Windows..mostly security but SP2 keeps getting stuck all the time.

I am in a right mess! I wish I could sort things out. Still have the yellows for:

Mass storage controller
Video controller VGA compatible
PCI device

Any ideas how I can rectify this bit of a huge problem?

Thanks again for your help and time

  Ian in Northampton 09:05 22 Jun 2010

BeeWee: I’m concerned that you’re starting to tie yourself in knots…

You talk about downloading various security updates from MS and how SP2 ‘keeps getting stuck’.

Are you doing things in the right order?

If I were you, I’d be proceeding as follows:

1. Clean install of XP.

2. Find and install drivers

3. Download and install SP2

4. Download and install SP3

5. Download and install MS updates issued after SP3 (your laptop should ‘know’ what it needs.

My concern is that doing things in the wrong order may be the source of SP2 getting stuck (if, for example, you’ve downloaded an update that was released after SP2 but before installing SP2, I’d imagine that would confuse things).

In your position, given that you have access to a PC with a wired connection to the web, I’d be disposed to download SP2 and SP3 to that, save them and then burn them to a CD for installation on your laptop.

It seems you still haven’t resolved the graphics issue. You’re right, the bad scrolling is almost certainly function of you not having the driver installed. You need to double check what your graphics card is and ensure you have the correct driver.

For the other device drivers you’re still missing, you still need to find and download the system-level drivers for your laptop. In a desktop PC, they would be the motherboard drivers, I’d guess. UGX is the Sony Bluetooth driver, I believe. An MS driver for Bluetooth is allegedly included in SP2: that may work.

  Ian in Northampton 10:22 22 Jun 2010

onthelimit: you're right, it does, but from memory - and who knows why - MS recommends installing SP2 before SP3. I think...

  BeeWee 15:18 22 Jun 2010

Thank you all soooo much. I am really making progress because of your help. My laptop now has SP 2 and 3 downloaded and installed. I have only one yellow mark left in device manage and that is for Mass Storage Controller.

I still have the problem of the black margin around the display and scrolling is a nightmare. How do I find out what graphics card the laptop is using and how can I update it?

I searched for and found the necessary drivers (now backed up!) apart from the above mentioned.

Now busy installing necessary programmes. This has been a real learning curve for me and thank you all so much once again.

  BeeWee 15:30 22 Jun 2010

This might help someone to help me re: graphics. In Belarc under display it says - Video controller (VGA compatible)Display adapter.

It doesn't mean anything to me.

  Ian in Northampton 08:35 23 Jun 2010

This is a bit of a long shot, because it may only work if you already have the right driver installed - but what happens if you go to Device Manager, right click on the VGA adapter, choose 'update this driver' and then check the box that says 'allow connection to the web'?

I'd guess the reason Belarc came up with that result is that it actually needs a driver to be installed to know what the hardware is. I'm not sure what tools are available, if any, to identify hardware that doesn't have a driver installed.

You may waqnt to have a look here - it seems promising.

click here

  Ian in Northampton 08:36 23 Jun 2010

I note by the way that rdave recommended Driver Max (recommended at the URL in my previous post). It appears to have a function that explicitly identifies unknown hardware.

  BeeWee 14:50 23 Jun 2010

Hello everyone and again thank you ALL so much for your help and advice. I have taken on board all the advice given and my Vaio is now running like greased lightning!

I uninstalled Nvidia graphics completely and after it reinstalled it worked perfectly.

I only have the yellow (I think it's a question mark) in "other devices" for mass storage controller. (Device Manager)
At present it doesn't seem to be affecting the running of the laptop in anyway so I just might leave it until I HAVE to do something about it.

This has been a steep learning curve for me which has been both frustrating and enjoyable. If it hadn't been for the help you have all proffered then I would have failed miserably.

  Ian in Northampton 17:35 23 Jun 2010

BeeWee: I'm so pleased for you. Next time will certainly be easier... :-) (And trust me, with Windows, there *will* be a next time) I'm all happy with myself today as I just replaced my laptop hard drive - nerve-wracking stuff.

Re the Mass Storage Controller: you're right - leave it alone until it becomes apparent you can't do so any longer (which will almost certainly never happen). Yes, having one of those little yellow exclamation marks is annoying to the more anally retentive among us (e.g. me...) - but just don't look at Device Manager...

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