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No wireless after fresh install of XP

  BeeWee 08:53 21 Jun 2010

I have a Sony Vaio VGN S3HP laptop. I have done a fresh install of Windows XP. I now have more problems than I started with!

In device manager the following are yellow:
Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Modem Dev on HD Audio Bus
Video controller VGA compatible
Network Controller

I don't understand it.

I can't pick up wireless internet and have a small display only in the middle of the screen with a wide black margin all around.

Please can anyone advise? I bought the laptop about 4 years ago without any recovery discs.

  BeeWee 09:18 21 Jun 2010

Thank you for your prompt reply onthelimit. I do have the use of another computer running Windows 7.
I don't know where to go to get the latest versions of those drivers..I don't even know what they drive! Do they make the internet work?

The XP CD doesn't have SP 3 on it so should I d/l on to a CD and then put it in the laptop?

You might have guessed that I'm not too good at this stuff and I have been trying for 3 days to work it out.

  Ian in Northampton 11:09 21 Jun 2010

Reading between the lines of what BeeWee has posted, we may need to step back a little here. My sense is that BeeWee is unsure about the function of drivers, so a brief tutorial may be necessary.

BeeWee: when you install XP, it is 'generic' - i.e. it can be installed on any PC/laptop, regardless of configuration. It also installs many commonly-found drivers - but rarely installs all the drivers needed by any individual machine.

So what is a driver? A driver is a program that tells XP how to interact with some of the hardware that's part of your computer. Every hardware device needs a driver - sound, graphics, Ethernet, wireless and so on.

Generally, you would get drivers for your machine as part of a recovery CD - but, as you say, you didn't. What this means is that you need to go to a manufacturer's web site in order to obtain those drivers.

What you describe is a classic case of a clean XP install where the drivers have not yet been installed - that's what the yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager mean. And yes, the lack of drivers would certainly give the symptoms you require - e.g. no wireless.

So: in your case, you probably need to head to the Sony site armed with your model number and see what you can find. Once you think you’ve found what you’re looking for, come back for help in how to actually install them.

Sorry, by the way, if I’ve underestimated your knowledge/competence…

  BeeWee 11:10 21 Jun 2010

No haven't got a cable and I can't connect to the internet with the laptop. So what I'll do is to d/l SP3 from the PC on to a cd and run that in the laptop. Will I need SP 2 first as I don't think that is on the xp cd either (the one I used for the fresh install)

I did uninstall all the drivers with a yellow ! after them but it was of no use after a reboot as it was just the same.

thank you for your time

  tullie 11:24 21 Jun 2010

If you havent got a cable,hows the pc connected?

  tullie 11:25 21 Jun 2010

If you havent got a cable,hows the pc connected?

  BeeWee 11:39 21 Jun 2010

Ian in Northampton - Thank you! You haven't underestimated at all don't worry about that.

I have been to the Sony site (using the pc) and have looked up my model laptop there but that's as far as I got because there were lots of things to d/l which I didn't understand. Rather than make any more of a mess of things I decided to leave it for the time being and see if there was a simpler solution.

Anyway do you think, by d/l sp3 on to a cd from the pc and then loading it on to the laptop, that it would update the drivers?

Tullie - well that just shows the level I am functioning on!! LOL yes of course...I could try plugging in the laptop instead of the PC..what then?

  Ian in Northampton 13:06 21 Jun 2010

Rdave and keef are probably onto something - I'm certain I've seen somewhere (on the Sony site?) that all Vaios ship with a partition that can be used for recovery purposes. It may be worth checking to see if you have such a partition (i.e. does Windows Explorer show anything other than a C drive?)

If I may be so bold, the whole SP2 and SP3 thing may turn out to be a red herring. By all means, you should update your version of XP to SP2 and then to SP3 to take advantage of the latest XP features/security, but you'd be very lucky if either of them automatically installed the correct drivers for you.

Oh, and - until you install your Ethernet etc. drivers, I don't think a cable is going to connect you to the web any more than wi-fi will... :-)

The approach you suggest - downloading the drivers to the PC, copying them to a CD and then running the drivers off the CD on the laptop should work, no problem. With any luck, the driver files from Sony will be .exe files which means you'll just need to double click them to get them to install.

  BeeWee 13:20 21 Jun 2010

Yes there is a partition but all I have on that D drive are photos and music. Anyway thank you all for the suggestions I will give them a try and report back later.

  BeeWee 15:33 21 Jun 2010

OK - well here's the latest. F10 didn't work I tried and tried.

Went to Vaio website on pc and put the following on to a cd and then installed on laptop:

Intel ethernet driver
Intel wireless lan driver
Nvidia geforce go 62oo graphics driver
vaio recovery utility

I have now got the wireless connection on the laptop working.

The Nvidia driver hasn't helped at all. I still have a small display in the centre of the screen with a huge black margin all around it.

Do I need a bios update from Vaio?

The yellow exclamation marks have change a bit in device manager. I now have still remaining:

Mass storage controller
Video controller VGA compatible
PCI device

  Ian in Northampton 15:56 21 Jun 2010

Well, that sounds like progress - congratulations! However, it sounds like you still have some more drivers to find... :-(

I'd guess, as you need an MSC driver, a PCI driver and UGX (don't know what that is) you're looking for some sort of driver set that might be called 'system' or 'motherboard' or something similar.

I doubt you need a BIOS update - I wouldn't go there unless you know you need to.

Re the display: I take it that the reason you say the nVidia driver didn't work is because the VGA device in Device Manager still has a yellow exclamation mark against it? It could be that your version of the laptop doesn't have an nVidia graphics card, and you need something different (although the driver should have given you an error if it couldn't find the right hardware).

Have you tried right clicking on the display, choosing properties and choosing a resolution with more pixels?

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