No Windows Disc with new PC

  Steve M 21:36 20 Sep 2004

Think I've seen this one before but can't remember what was said ... new Compaq Presario from PC World, HDD is partitioned in to C & D drives. Apparently D contains XP Home edition (I think?) I'm a bit edgy about not having a disc I can insert should I need to re-install, how do I get at it?? Windows Explorer won't let me in.The nearest I get is to view the pie-chart in properties via My Computer

  son-of-a-gun 21:45 20 Sep 2004

I've heard of that too, check see if it possible to copy the contents of D:/XP Home. with Nero or similar

What would concern me about this situation is if the Hd went up the duff after expiry of the warranty period. I know its to late for you but I would avoid like the plague a manufacturer selling a PC with that set-up.
Just my 2 ps worth

  stalion 21:45 20 Sep 2004

if you do not have a windows disc you should have a disc to restore your computer to the factory settings if you have problems.

  Steve M 22:16 20 Sep 2004

Yes ..I made a restoration disc when prompted when I first switched on ...everythings ok at present but I'll be living on a knife-edge in case anything happens son of a gun said, lose the HDD,lose the lot!! Not sure how to use restore disc, presumably you 'boot' to it??

  TomJerry 22:23 20 Sep 2004

In most cases, you just boot from it, but different PC maker may do differnet things, some need to use a floppy to boot. Ask their tech support to find out.

  stalion 22:23 20 Sep 2004

If you have just bought the pc why don't you go to pc world and ask them to explain the situation to you?

  Eargasm 22:36 20 Sep 2004

It's possible to create a bootable cd from your i386 folder which will probavly be on your d: partition.

Have a look at click here they are not the best instructions in the world but i have managed to do it with my pc world computer that had no windows cd.

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