No Wi-Fi next to the Router

  Martin1plc 01:24 24 Nov 2016

Hi I have very good Wi-Fi signal downstairs which is quite away from the router, but upstairs my Wi-Fi signal goes I've had 2 new router fitted and both have the same problem BT have been round but could not find a line fault so they said the router might be at fault But I have had 2 new ones fitted they cannot both be wrong? I have got a very good signal downstairs away from the routerbut nothing upstairs.

Can you help


  Govan1x 11:17 24 Nov 2016

What are you trying to connect upstairs. Do certain items still work like phones etc or does nothing work.

  difarn 12:40 24 Nov 2016

Is your router dual band? If so which waveband are you using on devices upstairs. If you are trying to connect using 5GHz then have you tried the 2.4Ghz waveband - or vice versa?

  Belatucadrus 15:56 24 Nov 2016

Standard BT router or are you using something else ?

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